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A robust Glasso Approach to Portfolio Selection in High Dimensions Journal article
Journal of Empirical Finance, 2023,Volume: 70,Page: 22-37
Authors:  Ding Wenliang;  Shu Lianjie;  Gu Xinhua
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A phase I change-point method for high-dimensional process with sparse mean shifts Journal article
Naval Research Logistics, 2023
Authors:  Huang, Wenpo;  Shu, Lianjie;  Li, Yanting;  Wang, Luyao
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Data Science and its applications Presentation
报告日期: 2022-10-01
Authors:  Shu, Lianjie
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An enhanced factor model for portfolio selection in high dimensions Journal article
Journal of Financial Ecnometrics, 2022
Authors:  Shi, Fangquan;  Shu, Lianjie;  Gu, Xinhua
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Asset Allocation  Mixed Factors  Diagonally-dominant Covariances  
A fault diagnosis method for wind turbines with limited labeled data based on balanced joint adaptive network Journal article
Neurocomputing, 2022,Volume: 481,Page: 133-153
Authors:  Zhang, Guangyao;  Li, Yanting;  Jiang, Wenbo;  Shu, Lianjie
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Domain Adaptation  Fault Diagnosis  Lstm  Mmd  Scada  Transfer Learning  Wind Turbine  
Bivariate Continuous Negatively Correlated Proportional Models with Applications in Schizophrenia Research Journal article
Mathematics, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 3
Authors:  Sun, Yuan;  Tian, Guoliang;  Guo, Shuixia;  Shu, Lianjie;  Zhang, Chi
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Bivariate Npga Models  Bivariate Npig Models  Cortical Thickness  N-em Algorithm  Proportional Data  
Wind turbine fault diagnosis based on transfer learning and convolutional autoencoder with small-scale data Journal article
Renewable Energy, 2021,Volume: 171,Page: 103-115
Authors:  Li, Yanting;  Jiang, Wenbo;  Zhang, Guangyao;  Shu, Lianjie
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Convolutional Autoencoder  Fault Diagnosis  Small-scale Data  Transfer Learning  Wind Turbine  
Selecting Classification Methods for Small Samples of Next-Generation Sequencing Data Journal article
Frontiers in Genetics, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Zhu, Jiadi;  Yuan, Ziyang;  Shu, Lianjie;  Liao, Wenhui;  Zhao, Mingtao;  Zhou, Yan
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Classification  Nblda  Plda  Rna-seq Data  Zinblda  Ziplda  
Energy Optimisation For End Face Turning With Variable Material Removal Rate Considering the Spindle Speed Changes Journal article
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - Green Technology, 2021,Volume: 8,Issue: 2,Page: 625-638
Authors:  Hu, Luoke;  Cai, Wei;  Shu, Lianjie;  Xu, Kangkang;  Zheng, Hao;  Jia, Shun
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Cutting Parameters Optimisation  End Face Turning  Machine Tool Energy  Simulated Annealing  Spindle Speed Change  Variable Cutting Rate  
Phase I analysis of high-dimensional covariance matrices based on sparse leading eigenvalues Journal article
Journal of Quality Technology, 2021,Volume: 53,Issue: 4,Page: 333-346
Authors:  Fan, Jinyu;  Shu, Lianjie;  Yang, Aijun;  Li, Yanting
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Control Chart  Eigenvalues  Statistical Process Control  Two-sample Tests