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Evidence of a global electric vehicle tipping point Conference
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 会议类型: 國際會議International Conferences, 2022
Authors:  Lam, Aileen;  Mercure, Jean-Francois
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Reframing incentives for climate policy action Journal article
Nature Energy, 2021,Volume: 6,Issue: 12,Page: 1133-1143
Authors:  Mercure, J. F.;  Salas, P.;  Vercoulen, P.;  Semieniuk, G.;  Lam, A.;  Pollitt, H.;  Holden, P. B.;  Vakilifard, N.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Edwards, N. R.;  Vinuales, J. E.
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The New Economics of Innovation and Transition: Evaluating Opportunities and Risks Report
, 2021
Authors:  Grubb, M.;  Drummond, P;  Mercure, J-F;  Hepburn,C.;  Jones, A.;  Jun, G;  Kekar, U.;  ANADON, L.;  Mathur, R.;  PASQUALINO, R.;  PENASCO, C.;  POLLITT, H.;  LAM, A.;  ROVENTINI, A.;  ROVENTINI, A.;  SALAS, P.;  SHARPE, S.;  ZHU, SONGLI;  VERCOULE, P.N,;  WAGHRAY, K.;  XILIANG, Z.
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Risk-opportunity analysis for transformative policy design and appraisal Journal article
Global Environmental Change, 2021,Volume: 70
Authors:  Mercure, Jean Francois;  Sharpe, Simon;  Vinuales, Jorge E.;  Ives, Matthew;  Grubb, Michael;  Lam, Aileen;  Drummond, Paul;  Pollitt, Hector;  Knobloch, Florian;  Nijsse, Femke J.M.M.
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Climate Policy  Complexity Science  Evolutionary Economics  Policy Appraisal  Public Policy-making  Science-policy Interface  
Which policy mixes are best for decarbonising passenger cars? Simulating interactions among taxes, subsidies and regulations for the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, China, and India Journal article
Energy Research and Social Science, 2021,Volume: 75
Authors:  Lam, Aileen;  Mercure, Jean Francois
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Co2 Emission Reduction  Environmental Policy  Passenger Cars  Technology Diffusion  
Net emission reductions from electric cars and heat pumps in 59 world regions over time Journal article
Nature Sustainability, 2020,Volume: 3,Issue: 6,Page: 437-447
Authors:  Knobloch, Florian;  Hanssen, Steef V.;  Lam, Aileen;  Pollitt, Hector;  Salas, Pablo;  Chewpreecha, Unnada;  Huijbregts, Mark A.J.;  Mercure, Jean Francois
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Policies to Decarbonize Passenger Vehicles in 2050 in East Asia Book chapter
出自: Routledge.:Routledge., 2019
Authors:  Lam, A.;  Lee, S.;  Cho, Y.;  Lin, C.;  Knobloch, F.;  Pollitt, H.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Mercure J.-F.
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The Economic Impacts of Reduced Reliance on Coal and Nuclear Power Generation in East Asia Book chapter
出自: Routledge.:Routledge., 2019
Authors:  Lam, A.;  Lee, S.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Xu, B.;  Pollitt, H.;  Chiashi, A.;  Vercoulen, P.;  Knobloch, F.
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Policies to Decarbonize Household Heating Systems in 2050 in East Asia in Energy Book chapter
出自: Routledge.:Routledge., 2019
Authors:  Lam, A.;  Knobloch, F.;  Kim, S.;  He, Y.;  Chen, L.;  Mercure, J.F.;  Lee, S.
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Policies and predictions for a low-carbon transition by 2050 in passenger vehicles in East Asia: Based on an analysis using the E3ME-FTT model Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2019,Volume: 10,Issue: 5
Authors:  Lam,Aileen;  Lee,Soocheol;  Mercure,Jean François;  Cho,Yongsung;  Lin,Chun Hsu;  Pollitt,Hector;  Chewpreecha,Unnada;  Billington,Sophie
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Co2 Emission Reduction  E3me  East Asian Countries  Ftt: Transport Model  The Diffusion Of Electric Vehicle  Transport Sectors  Transportation Policies