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CEO marital status and corporate innovation Journal article
Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2022
Authors:  Zhang, Y.;  Li, M.;  Zheng, H.;  Lam, C. S.;  Fu, X. Q.
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Marital Status  Ceo  Innovation  
A 95% Peak Efficiency Modified KY (Boost) Converter for IoT with Continuous Flying Capacitor Charging in DCM Conference paper
2021 IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference (ASSCC 2021), Busan, Korea, Nov. 07 - Nov. 10, 2021
Authors:  Zeng, W. L.;  Pan, C.;  Lam, C. S.;  Sin, S. W.;  Zhan, C.;  Martins, R. P.
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Dc-dc Converters  Double-clock-time (Dct) Control  Power Switch Adaptive Sizing Technique  Clocked-feedback Resistor Network  
IEEE Macau Section IES Chapter 2020 Postgraduate Paper Contest [Chapter News] Journal article
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, 2021,Page: 84-85
Authors:  Lam, C. S.;  Tsang, K. F.
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Power and Electronics Technologies for Smart City  
Effects of parasitic resistances on Π-source impedance networks Journal article
IEEE Access, 2021,Page: 76403-76412
Authors:  Ieong, C. F.;  Leong, C. H.;  Kong, X.;  Wong, C. K.;  Lam, C. S.
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Coupled Inductors  Magnetically Coupled Impedance-source Network  Π-source Impedance-source Network  Parasitic Resistances  Voltage Gain  
Second-order sliding mode current controller for LC-coupling hybrid active power filter Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2021,Page: 1883-1894
Authors:  Gong, C.;  Sou, W.-K.;  Lam, C. S.
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Second-order Sliding Mode Control  Hybrid Active Power Filter  Power Quality.  
A -40°C to 125°C, 1.08 ppm/°C, 918 nW Bandgap Voltage Reference with Segmented Curvature Compensation Journal article
Microelectronics Journal, 2020,Page: 104897-104897
Authors:  Yan, T.;  U, C. W.;  Law, M. K.;  Lam, C. S.
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Bandgap Voltage Reference  Temperature Coefficient (Tc)  Segmented Curvature Compensation  
A 0.5-V supply, 36nW bandgap reference with 42ppm/°C average temperature coefficient within -40°C to 120°C Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I - Regular Papers, 2020,Page: 3656-3669
Authors:  U, C.-W.;  Zeng, W.-L.;  Law, M. K.;  Lam, C. S.;  Martins, R. P.
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Bandgap Voltage Reference  Low Voltage  Low Power  Switched Capacitor Circuits  Temperature Coefficient.  
"Wireless Power Transfer System", 7th Macau Industrial Products Show Presentation
会议地点: Macao, China, 报告日期: 2020-10-01
Authors:  Lam, C. S.
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A SAR-ADC-Assisted DC-DC Converter with Fast Transient Recovery Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II - Express Briefs, 2020,Page: 1669-1673
Authors:  Zeng, W. L.;  Bonizzoni, E.;  U, C.-W.;  Lam, C. S.;  Sin, S. W.;  Chio, U-F.;  Maloberti, F.;  Martins, R. P.
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Adc  Current Pump  Additional Loop Compensation  Buck Converter  Dcm  Bond-wire Inductor  Fast Transient Recovery.  
Particle Swarm Optimization Based Modulation of Series-Series Compensated Inductive Power Transfer for Constant Voltage Output With High Efficiency over a Wide Load Range Conference paper
The IEEE 4th International Future Energy Electronics Conference 2019 (IFEEC 2019), Singapore, Nov. 25 – Nov. 28, 2019
Authors:  Hoi, I. U.;  Iam, I. W.;  Huang, Z.;  Lam, C. S.
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Inductive Power Transfer (Ipt)  Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso)  Efficiency Optimization  Constant Voltage (Cv) Charging  Wide Load Range