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Assembling graphene aerogel hollow fibres for solar steam generation Journal article
Composites Communications, 2022,Volume: 35
Authors:  Li, Guangyong;  Fang, Dan;  Hong, Guo;  Eychmüller, Alexander;  Zhang, Xuetong;  Song, Wenhui
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Desalination  Graphene Aerogel  Hollow Fibre  Solar Steam Generator  
Bayberry tannin directed assembly of a bifunctional graphene aerogel for simultaneous solar steam generation and marine uranium extraction Journal article
Nanoscale, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 10,Page: 5419-5428
Authors:  Wu, Fangwu;  Liu, Dan;  Li, Guangyong;  Li, Liqiang;  Yan, Lifeng;  Hong, Guo;  Zhang, Xuetong
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High-Efficiency Cryo-Thermocells Assembled with Anisotropic Holey Graphene Aerogel Electrodes and a Eutectic Redox Electrolyte Journal article
Advanced Materials, 2019,Volume: 31,Issue: 25
Authors:  Li, Guangyong;  Dong, Dapeng;  Hong, Guo;  Yan, Lifeng;  Zhang, Xuetong;  Song, Wenhui
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Anisotropic Graphene Aerogels  Cryo-thermocells  Eutectic Electrolytes  Holey Graphene  
Multiresponsive Graphene-Aerogel-Directed Phase-Change Smart Fibers Journal article
ADVANCED MATERIALS, 2018,Volume: 30,Issue: 30
Authors:  Li, Guangyong;  Hong, Guo;  Dong, Dapeng;  Song, Wenhui;  Zhang, Xuetong
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Electrical/thermal/optical Stimuli  Graphene Aerogels  Phase-change Materials  Smart Fibers  
Graphene Aerogel Templated Fabrication of Phase Change Microspheres as Thermal Buffers in Microelectronic Devices Journal article
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2017,Volume: 9,Issue: 47,Page: 41323-41331
Authors:  Wang, Xuchun;  Li, Guangyong;  Hong, Guo;  Guo, Qiang;  Zhang, Xuetong
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Phase Change Microspheres  Graphene  Aerogel Microspheres  Joule Heat  Heat Flux Stabilizer