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Control of Shape and Size in Iron Fluoride Porous Sub-Microspheres: Consequences for Steric Hindrance Interaction Journal article
Frontiers in Nanotechnology, 2021,Volume: 3
Authors:  Song, Weibing;  Lu, Hongyu;  Zhao, Wenlong;  Cao, Xiaofei;  Yan, Lei;  Zhao, Jingxin;  Li, Neng;  Tang, Yuxin;  Hu, Jun
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formation mechanism  iron-based fluoride  porous sub-microspheres  sodium ion batteries  steric hindrance  
Design and Analysis of a Magnetless Linear Variable Reluctance Motor with Modular Mover Units for Electric Propulsion Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 2020,Volume: 30,Issue: 4
Authors:  Ching, T. W.;  Shi, Yujun;  Li, Wenlong;  Jian, Linni
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Force Ripple  Hts  Linear Machine  Modular  Reluctance Machine  
Correlating the Peukert's Constant with Phase Composition of Electrode Materials in Fast Lithiation Processes Journal article
ACS Materials Letters, 2019,Volume: 1,Issue: 5,Page: 519-525
Authors:  Zhang, Yanyan;  Tang, Yuxin;  Deng, Jiyang;  Leow, Wan Ru;  Xia, Huarong;  Zhu, Zhiqiang;  Lv, Zhisheng;  Wei, Jiaqi;  Li, Wenlong;  Persson, Clas;  Malyi, Oleksandr I.;  Antonietti, Markus;  Chen, Xiaodong
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Quantitative comparison of wireless power transfer using HTS and copper coils Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 2019,Volume: 29,Issue: 5
Authors:  Li, Wenlong;  Ching, Tze Wood;  Jiang, Chaoqiang;  Wang, Tao;  Sun, Le
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Efficiency  HTS  magnetic resonance coupling  resonator  WPT  
A New Dual-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Motor with Hybrid Stator Configuration for Direct-Drive Applications Conference paper
2019 22nd International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2019
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Ching, Tze Wood;  Jian, Linni;  Li, Wenlong
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direct-drive  field modulation  magnetic gearing effect  permanent magnet vernier machine  torque density  
Sed-Dedup: An efficient secure deduplication system with data modifications Journal article
Concurrency Computation, 2019,Volume: 33,Issue: 15
Authors:  Tian,Wenlong;  Li,Ruixuan;  Xu,Cheng Zhong;  Xu,Zhiyong
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Chunking Algorithms  Convergent Encryption  Data Modifications  Delta Encoding  Secure Deduplication  
A Phase-Decoupled Flux-Reversal Linear Generator for Low-Speed Oscillatory Energy Conversion Using Impedance Matching Strategy Journal article
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, 2018,Volume: 65,Issue: 9,Page: 7590-7599
Authors:  Li, Wenlong;  Chau, K. T.;  Ching, T. W.;  Liu, Chunhua
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Flux Reversal  Impedance Matching  Linear Generation  Multiphase  Power Generation  
A Superconducting Linear Variable Reluctance Machine for Urban Transportation Systems Journal article
Authors:  Ching, T. W.;  Li, Wenlong
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Force Ripple Suppression  Hts  Linear Machine  Modular Design  Urban Transportation  
A Superconducting Vernier Motor for Electric Ship Propulsion Journal article
Authors:  Li, Wenlong;  Ching, T. W.;  Chau, K. T.;  Lee, Christopher H. T.
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Homopolar Machine  High-temperature Superconducting (Hts) Field Winding  Ship Propulsion  Vernier Motor  
Design and analysis of a new parallel-hybrid-excited linear vernier machine for oceanic wave power generation Journal article
APPLIED ENERGY, 2017,Volume: 208,Page: 878-888
Authors:  Li, Wenlong;  Ching, T. W.;  Chau, K. T.
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Direct Drive  Homopolar Machine, Linear Machine  Parallel Hybrid Excitation  Wave Power Generation  Vernier Machine