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A new hybrid model for power forecasting of a wind farm using spatial–temporal correlations Journal article
Renewable Energy, 2022,Volume: 198,Page: 155-168
Authors:  Wen, Songkang;  Li, Yanting;  Su, Yan
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Adaptively Clustering  Local Pattern  Support Vector Regression  Wind Propagation  
A fault diagnosis method for wind turbines with limited labeled data based on balanced joint adaptive network Journal article
Neurocomputing, 2022,Volume: 481,Page: 133-153
Authors:  Zhang, Guangyao;  Li, Yanting;  Jiang, Wenbo;  Shu, Lianjie
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Domain Adaptation  Fault Diagnosis  Lstm  Mmd  Scada  Transfer Learning  Wind Turbine  
Wind turbine fault diagnosis based on transfer learning and convolutional autoencoder with small-scale data Journal article
Renewable Energy, 2021,Volume: 171,Page: 103-115
Authors:  Li, Yanting;  Jiang, Wenbo;  Zhang, Guangyao;  Shu, Lianjie
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Convolutional Autoencoder  Fault Diagnosis  Small-scale Data  Transfer Learning  Wind Turbine  
Phase I analysis of high-dimensional covariance matrices based on sparse leading eigenvalues Journal article
Journal of Quality Technology, 2021,Volume: 53,Issue: 4,Page: 333-346
Authors:  Fan, Jinyu;  Shu, Lianjie;  Yang, Aijun;  Li, Yanting
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Control Chart  Eigenvalues  Statistical Process Control  Two-sample Tests  
2D partial unwinding - A Novel non-linear phase decomposition of images Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2019,Volume: 28,Issue: 10,Page: 4762-4773
Authors:  Li, Yanting;  Zhang, Liming;  Qian, Tao
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Adaptive Fourier Decomposition  Fourier Transform  Greedy Algorithm  Hardy Space  Nevanlinna Factorization  Unwinding Blaschke Decomposition  
A novel 2D partial unwinding adaptive Fourier decomposition method with application to frequency domain system identification Journal article
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 2019,Volume: 42,Issue: 9,Page: 3123-3135
Authors:  Li, Yanting;  Qian, Tao
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Hardy Space  Maximal Selection Principle  Nevanlinna Factorization  System Identification  Unwinding Adaptive Fourier Decomposition  
Wind turbine fault diagnosis based on Gaussian process classifiers applied to operational data Journal article
Renewable Energy, 2019,Volume: 134,Page: 357-366
Authors:  Yanting Li;  Shujun Liu;  Lianjie Shu
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Conditional Monitoring  Gaussian Process Classification  Predictive Fault Diagnosis  Support Vector Machine  Wind Turbine  
ACTA MATHEMATICA SCIENTIA, 2018,Volume: 38,Issue: 6,Page: 1939-1950
Authors:  Li, Dengfeng;  Li, Yanting
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frame  generalized frame  generalized Bessel sequence  
Forecasting the daily power output of a grid-connected photovoltaic system based on multivariate adaptive regression splines Journal article
Applied Energy, 2016,Volume: 180,Page: 392-401
Authors:  Li,Yanting;  He,Yong;  Su,Yan;  Shu,Lianjie
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Mars  Nwp Model  Solar Power Output  Weather Information  
A false discovery approach for scanning spatial disease clusters with arbitrary shapes Journal article
IIE Transactions (Institute of Industrial Engineers), 2016,Volume: 48,Issue: 7,Page: 684-698
Authors:  Li,Yanting;  Shu,Lianjie;  Tsung,Fugee
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False Discovery Rate  Poisson Distribution  Scan Statistics  Simple Linear Step-up Procedure