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Weight stigma from media: Its associations with coping responses and health outcomes Journal article
Current Psychology, 2022
Authors:  Chen, Tiffany Ting;  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Li, Yuanhua;  He, Connie Chuting;  Wan, Rui
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Coping Strategies  Health  Media  Weight Stigma  
Beneficial or debilitating: a qualitative inquiry into Chinese preschool teachers’ workload-related stress mindset Journal article
Early Years, 2022
Authors:  Li, Yuanhua;  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Chen, Tiffany Ting;  He, Connie Chuting
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Chinese Preschool Teachers  Stress-is-debilitating  Stress-is-enhancing Mindset  Workload-related Stress  
Chinese Preschool Teachers’ Use of Concept Development Strategies in Whole-Group Math Lessons and its Effectiveness Journal article
Early Education and Development, 2022
Authors:  Deng, Tao;  Hu, Bi Ying;  Wang, X. Christine;  Li, Yuanhua;  Jiang, Chunlian;  Su, Yijie;  LoCasale-Crouch, Jennifer
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Preschool teachers’ self-efficacy, classroom process quality, and children's social skills: A multilevel mediation analysis Journal article
Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 2021,Volume: 55,Page: 242-251
Authors:  Hu, Bi Ying;  Li, Yuanhua;  Wang, Chuang;  Wu, Huiping;  Vitiello, Ginny
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Chinese Preschools  Classroom Process  Social Skills  Teachers’ Self-efficacy  
The quality of teacher feedback matters: Examining Chinese teachers’ use of feedback strategies in preschool math lessons Journal article
Teaching and Teacher Education, 2021,Volume: 98
Authors:  Hu, Bi Ying;  Li, Yuanhua;  Zhang, Xiao;  Roberts, Sherron K.;  Vitiello, Ginny
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Chinese Preschool  Class-prek  Feedback Strategies  Initiation-response-follow-up Feedback (Irf)  Math Lessons  
“Thinness is beauty”: Predictors of anti-fat attitudes among young Chinese women Journal article
Current Psychology, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  He, Connie Chuting;  Li, Yuanhua
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Anti-fat attitudes  Broad conceptualization of beauty  Critical processing of media images  Objectification theory  Tripartite influence model  
Exploring Home-School Partnership and Chinese Parental Satisfaction of Preschool Services: The Moderating Effect of Childrearing Beliefs Journal article
Journal of Child and Family Studies, 2021,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 206-219
Authors:  Hu, Bi Ying;  Alexander, Cruchenda Rosetta;  Wu, Huiping;  Roberts, Sherron Killingsworth;  Li, Yuanhua
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Childrearing Beliefs  China  Home-school Partnership  Parental Satisfaction  Preschool Services  
Feedback Matters: Examining the Use of Feedback Strategies by Chinese Preschool Teachers in Science Lessons Journal article
Early Childhood Education Journal, 2021
Authors:  Hu, Bi Ying;  Guan, Lin;  Li, Yuanhua;  Roberts, Sherron Killingsworth;  Zhang, Xiaomei
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China  Class  Early Childhood Education  Feedback Strategies  Irf  Preschool  Science Teaching  
The relation between school climate and preschool teacher stress: The mediating role of teachers’ self-efficacy Journal article
Journal of Educational Administration, 2019,Volume: 57,Issue: 6,Page: 748-767
Authors:  Bi Ying Hu;  Yuanhua Li;  Chuang Wang;  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Shuang Wang
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Preschool  School Climate  Teacher Stress  Teachers’ Self-efficacy