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RUNDC3A regulates SNAP25-mediated chemotherapy resistance by binding AKT in gastric neuroendocrine carcinoma (GNEC) Journal article
Cell Death Discovery, 2022,Volume: 8,Issue: 1
Authors:  Chen, Pengchen;  Wang, Wei;  Wong, Sin Wa;  Li, Junnan;  Wu, Qiushaung;  Zhang, Shu Dong;  Lin, Yao;  Kwok, Hang Fai
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Current strategies for treating NSCLC: From biological mechanisms to clinical treatment Journal article
Cancers, 2020,Volume: 12,Issue: 6,Page: 1-24
Authors:  Li,Junnan;  Kwok,Hang Fai
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Combination Targeted Therapy  Drug Resistance Mechanism  Egfr Mutation  Lung Cancer  
Role of endothelial ADAM17 in early vascular changes associated with diabetic retinopathy Journal article
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2020,Volume: 9,Issue: 2
Authors:  Shalaby, Lamiaa;  Thounaojam, Menaka;  Tawfik, Amany;  Li, Junnan;  Hussein, Khaled;  Jahng, Wan Jin;  Al-Shabrawey, Mohamed;  Kwok, Hang Fai;  Bartoli, Manuela;  Gutsaeva, Diana
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A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 17  Diabetic retinopathy  Endothelial cells  Vascular inflammation  Vascular permeability