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Multi-instance inflated 3D CNN for classifying urine red blood cells from multi-focus videos Journal article
IET Image Processing, 2022,Volume: 16,Issue: 8,Page: 2114-2123
Authors:  Li, Xinyu;  Li, Ming;  Wu, Yongfei;  Zhou, Xiaoshuang;  Zhang, Lifeng;  Ping, Xinbo;  Zhang, Xingna;  Zheng, Wen
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Trichomonas vaginalis induces extracellular trap release in mouse neutrophils in vitro Journal article
Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica, 2021,Volume: 53,Issue: 12,Page: 1736-1738
Authors:  Gao, Yuhang;  Li, Xin;  Zhang, Nan;  Zhao, Panpan;  Li, Shan;  Tai, Lixin;  Li, Xinyu;  Li, Ling;  Li, Jianhua;  Zhang, Xichen;  Sun, Min;  Cao, Lili;  Gong, Pengtao
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Accurate screw detection method based on faster R-CNN and rotation edge similarity for automatic screw disassembly Journal article
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 2021,Volume: 34,Issue: 11,Page: 1177-1195
Authors:  Li, Xinyu;  Li, Ming;  Wu, Yongfei;  Zhou, Daoxiang;  Liu, Tianyu;  Hao, Fang;  Yue, Junhong;  Ma, Qiyue
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automated screw disassembly  Deep learning technology  faster R-CNN  mobile phone mainboard  rotation edge similarity  screw detection method  
Prediction of ship fuel consumption based on broad learning system Conference paper
2019 International Conference on Security, Pattern Analysis, and Cybernetics, SPAC 2019
Authors:  Li,Xinyu;  Zhu,Yongjie;  Zuo,Yi;  Li,Tieshan;  Chen,C. L.P.
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Broad Learning System  Data analysis  Prediction offuel consumption  Shipping