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中英翻译理论 Book
北京:商务印书馆, 2023
Authors:  Sun, Y.;  Li, D.
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A Probe into the Usage of Verbs of Employment Presentation
报告日期: 2022-11-27
Authors:  S. Wang;  B. Li
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Hyaluronic acid-based supramolecular medicine with polyamines sequestration capability for cooperative anti-psoriasis Journal article
Carbohydrate Polymers, 2022,Volume: 296,Page: 119968
Authors:  Yuan-Fu Ding;  Jianwen Wei;  Xingping Quan;  Wenting Gu;  Long Xi;  Ying Zheng;  Yonghua Zhao;  Jingwei Luo;  Shengke Li;  Greta S.P. Mok;  Ruibing Wang
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Cd-44 Targeting  Host-guest Interactions  Controlled Release  Polyamine Sequestration  Cooperative Anti-psoriasis  
Transcultural Poetics: Chinese Literature in English Translation Book
London and New York:Routledge, 2022
Authors:  Sun, Y.;  Li, D.
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Chinese Literature  Cultural Untranslatability  Literary Value  Reception Of Translation  
Review of Electrolyte Strategies for Competitive Dual-ion Batteries Journal article
Elsevier Materials Today Sustainability, 2022,Volume: 19
Authors:  Li, Junfeng;  Hui, K.S.;  Dinh, D.A.;  Wu, S.;  Fan, X.;  Chen, F.;  Hui, K.N.
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Dual-ion Batteries  Anion Intercalation  Electrolyte Engineering  
The Application of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Model to Gambling Urge and Involvement Journal article
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2022,Volume: 19,Issue: 22
Authors:  Zhou, Hui;  Hung, Eva P.W.;  Xie, Li;  Yuan, Zhen;  Wu, Anise M.S.
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Chinese  Gamblers  Gambling Involvement  Gambling Urge  Impulse Control  Intolerance Of Uncertainty  Limited Access To Emotion Regulation Strategies  
Solar Cell Efficiency Exceeding 25% through Rb-Based Perovskitoid Scaffold Stabilizing the Buried Perovskite Surface Journal article
ACS Energy Letters, 2022,Volume: 7,Issue: 10,Page: 3685-3694
Authors:  Chen, Jinbo;  Dong, Hua;  Li, Jingrui;  Zhu, Xinyi;  Xu, Jie;  Pan, Fang;  Xu, Ruoyao;  Xi, Jun;  Jiao, Bo;  Hou, Xun;  Wei Ng, Kar;  Wang, Shuang Peng;  Wu, Zhaoxin
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Secondhand smoking exposure and quality of life among pregnant and postnatal women: a network approach Journal article
BMJ open, 2022,Volume: 12,Issue: 9,Page: e060635
Authors:  Yang, Yuan;  Zhang, Meng;  Bo, Hai Xin;  Zhang, Dong Ying;  Ma, Liang Kun;  Wang, Pei Hong;  Liu, Xiao Hua;  Ge, Li Na;  Lin, Wen Xuan;  Xu, Yang;  Zhang, Ya Lan;  Li, Feng Juan;  Xu, Xu Juan;  Wu, Hong He;  Jackson, Todd;  Ungvari, Gabor S.;  Cheung, Teris;  Meng, Li Rong;  Xiang, Yu Tao
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Obstetrics  Psychiatry  Public Health  
The Relationship between Christian Religiosity and Adolescent Substance Use in China Journal article
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2022,Volume: 19,Issue: 18
Authors:  Li, Spencer De;  Lu, Jiaqi;  Chen, Yiyi
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Adolescent Substance Use  China  Christian Religiosity  Macau  Moral Community  
Controllable Perovskite Single Crystal Heterojunction for Stable Self-Powered Photo-Imaging and X-Ray Detection Journal article
Advanced Optical Materials, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 17
Authors:  Yan, Jun;  Gao, Feng;  Tian, Yongzhi;  Li, Yan;  Gong, Weiqiang;  Wang, Shuangpeng;  Zhu, Hai;  Li, Lin
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Photo-imaging  Self-powered  Single Crystal Heterojunction  X-ray Detection