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Sentiments about autonomous vehicles Journal article
Journal of Engineering and Technology Management - JET-M, 2022,Volume: 66
Authors:  Io, Hio Nam;  Lee, Chang Boon;  Lian, Zhaotong
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Autonomous Vehicles  Sentiment Analysis  Social Media Mining  
Inventory control policy for perishable products under a buyback contract and Brownian demands Journal article
International Journal of Production Economics, 2022,Volume: 251
Authors:  Gong, Min;  Lian, Zhaotong;  Xiao, Hua
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(s, s) Policy  Brownian Demand Model  Buyback Contract  Markov Renewal Process  Perishable Inventory  
Fixed allocation of capacity for multiple retailers under demand competition Journal article
Omega (United Kingdom), 2022,Volume: 110
Authors:  Cai, Xueyuan;  Li, Jianbin;  Lian, Zhaotong;  Liu, Zhixin
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Capacity Allocation  Fixed Allocation  Pricing  Proportional Allocation  Stackelberg Game  
Risk-sensitive infinite-horizon discounted piecewise deterministic Markov decision processes Journal article
Operational Research, 2022
Authors:  Huang, Yonghui;  Lian, Zhaotong;  Guo, Xianping
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Discounted Cost  Hjb Equation  Non-stationarity  Piecewise Deterministic Markov Decision Processes  Risk Sensitive  
Diversification and efficiency of life insurers in China and India Journal article
Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice, 2021,Volume: 46,Issue: 4,Page: 710-730
Authors:  Peng, Lei;  Lian, Zhaotong
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Diversification  Game Cross-efficiency Model  Life Insurer  
3PL firm's equity financing for technology innovation in a platform supply chain Journal article
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2021,Volume: 147
Authors:  Fu, Hong;  Ke, Ginger Y.;  Lian, Zhaotong;  Zhang, Lianmin
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Equity Financing  Non-cooperative Game Theory  Platform Supply Chain  Technology Innovation  
A novel method of variable selection in data envelopment analysis with entropy measures Journal article
International Journal of Operational Research, 2021,Volume: 41,Issue: 4,Page: 514-534
Authors:  Deng, Qiang;  Lian, Zhaotong;  Fu, Qi
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Aic  Akaike Information Criteria  Data Envelopment Analysis  Entropy Theory  Variable Selection  
Efficient coordination of supply contracts with demand learning and two production modes Journal article
International Journal of Production Economics, 2020,Volume: 225
Authors:  Li, Xin;  Lian, Zhaotong;  Pang, Chuan
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Coordination  Demand Learning  Newsvendor  Optimization  Supply Contract  
Parking robot based on fuzzy reasoning and parking big data Journal article
JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS, 2017,Volume: 33,Issue: 5,Page: 3087-3094
Authors:  Zhu, Dingju;  Lian, Zhaotong
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Fuzzy Reasoning  Parking Lot  Free Membership Degree  Big Data  
Study of a passenger-taxi queueing system with nonzero matching time Conference paper
2015 12th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, ICSSSM 2015
Authors:  Shi,Ying;  Lian,Zhaotong;  Shang,Weixin
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