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Prussian blue analogs cathodes for aqueous zinc ion batteries Journal article
Materials Today Energy, 2022,Volume: 29,Page: 101095
Authors:  Li, Yuanxia;  Zhao, Jingxin;  Hu, Qiang;  Hao, Tianwei;  Cao, Heng;  Huang, Xiaomin;  Liu, Yu;  Zhang, Yanyan;  Lin, Dunmin;  Tang, Yuxin;  Cai, Yongqing
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Microbial behaviours inside alternating anaerobic-anoxic environment of a sulfur cycle–driven EBPR system: A metagenomic investigation Journal article
Environmental Research, 2022,Volume: 212
Authors:  Hao, Tianwei;  Lin, Qingshan;  Ma, Jie;  Tang, Wentao;  Xiao, Yihang;  Guo, Gang
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Biological Phosphorous Removal  Metagenomic Analysis  Sulfur Bacteria  Sulfur Conversion  
Amphipathic Molecules Endowing Highly Structure Robust and Fast Kinetic Vanadium‐Based Cathode for High‐Performance Zinc‐Ion Batteries Journal article
Small Structures, 2022,Volume: 3,Page: 7200016
Authors:  Mengyu Zhu;  Huibo Wang;  Wang Lin;  Dan Chan;  Heng Li;  Kexuan Wang;  Yu Tang;  Tianwei Hao;  Chen S(陳石);  Oleksandr I. Malyi;  Yuxin Tang;  Yanyan Zhang
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Mechanistic study on the ferric chloride-based rapid cultivation and enhancement of aerobic granular sludge Journal article
Environmental Technology (United Kingdom), 2022
Authors:  Lin, Yuxin;  Wang, Yuyin;  Wang, Wei;  Hao, Tianwei;  Su, Kuizu
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Aerobic Granular Sludge  Flocculant  Start-up  
Investigating the response of electrogenic metabolism to salinity in saline wastewater treatment for optimal energy output via microbial fuel cells Journal article
Science of the Total Environment, 2021,Volume: 783
Authors:  Xiao, Yihang;  Lin, Sen;  Hao, Tianwei
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Electron Transfer  Energy Harvest  Microbial Fuel Cells  Saline Wastewater  Sulfidogenesis  
Enhancing the water flux and biological treatment in bilateral influent submerged FOMBR via applying the strategy of intermittent discharging salt Journal article
Environmental Technology (United Kingdom), 2021,Volume: 42,Issue: 21,Page: 3379-3389
Authors:  Lin, Yuxin;  Chen, Qiwei;  Wang, Yuyin;  Sua, Kuizu;  Hao, Tianwei
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concentration polarization  Forward osmotic membrane bioreactor (FOMBR)  intermittent salt discharge  salinity accumulation  water flux  
Performance enhancement of a submerged forward osmotic membrane bioreactor by aerobic granules Journal article
Separation and Purification Technology, 2021,Volume: 254
Authors:  Wang, Yuyin;  Chen, Qiwei;  Lin, Yuxin;  Su, Kuizu;  Hao, Tianwei;  Liu, Li;  Sheng, Guoping
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Aerobic Granule  Membrane Fouling  Microbial Diversity  Submerged Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor  Water Flux  
Pin-point denitrification for groundwater purification without direct chemical dosing: Demonstration of a two-chamber sulfide-driven denitrifying microbial electrochemical system Journal article
Water Research, 2020,Volume: 182
Authors:  Lin, Sen;  Hao, Tianwei;  Li, Xiling;  Xiao, Yihang;  Chen, Guanghao
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Autotrophic Denitrification  Groundwater  Microbial Electrochemical Technology  Sulfide Oxidation  
Recovery of high-value and scarce resources from biological wastewater treatment: Sulfated polysaccharides Journal article
Water Research, 2019,Volume: 163
Authors:  Xue, Weiqi;  Zeng, Qian;  Lin, Sen;  Zan, Feixiang;  Hao, Tianwei;  Lin, Yuemei;  van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M.;  Chen, Guanghao
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Bioactivity assessment  Resource recovery  Saline activated sludge  Sulfated polysaccharides (SPs)  Sulfide inhibition  
Elucidating pyrolysis behaviour of activated sludge in granular and flocculent form: Reaction kinetics and mechanism Journal article
Water Research, 2019,Volume: 162,Page: 409-419
Authors:  Li, Xiling;  Lin, Sen;  Hao, Tianwei;  Khanal, Samir Kumar;  Chen, Guanghao
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Aerobic granular sludge  Flocculant sludge  Kinetics  Pyrolysis  Sludge treatment