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How newcomers’ learning goal orientation develops leader–member exchange: A dual mediating model Conference paper
Seattle, WA, United States, 2022-08
Authors:  Gao, Shanshan;  Lin, Xiaowan;  Lam, L. W.
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Am I Motivated to Share Knowledge for Better Innovative Performance? An Approach and Avoidance Framework Journal article
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2022
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Lu, Lin;  Ozer, Muammer;  Tang, Heng
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Approach And Avoidance Motivation Orientation  Innovative Performance  Knowledge Sharing  Perceived Organizational Support  Psychological Contract Breach  
To reflect and learn: The emotional labor strategies of victims of workplace ostracism and the role of anger Conference paper
Lanzhou, China, 2022-06
Authors:  Gao, Shanshan;  Lin, Xiaowan
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Am I motivated to share knowledge for better innovative performance? An approach and avoidance framewor Journal article
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2022
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Lu, Lin;  Ozer, M.;  Tang, H.
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Changing comes from doing: How deliberate practice enables job crafting in a learning-oriented workplace Conference paper
Nakhonpathom, Thailand, 2021-12
Authors:  Gao, Shanshan;  Lin, Xiaowan
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Differing effects of social exchange relations on employees’ promotive and prohibitive voice – An investigation of newcomers in organizations Conference paper
Macau, China, 2021-11
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Gao, Shanshan
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When and How Autocratic Leadership Brings Good Performance in Chinese Workplace: The Roles of Follower Ingratiation and Procedural Justice Climate Conference paper
Xi’an, China, 2021-06
Authors:  Zhang, H.;  Lin, Xiaowan;  Zhang, L.;  Gao, Shanshan
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Punishing the Perpetrator of Incivility: The Differential Roles of Moral Identity and Moral Thinking Orientation Journal article
Journal of Management, 2021,Volume: 47,Issue: 4,Page: 898-929
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Loi, Raymond
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Constructive Punitive Reaction  Destructive Punitive Reaction  Moral Identity  Moral Thinking Orientation  Peer-to-peer Incivility  
Is ‘be yourself’ always the best advice? The moderating effect of team ethical climate and the mediating effects of vigor and demand–ability fit Journal article
Human Relations, 2021,Volume: 74,Issue: 3,Page: 437-462
Authors:  David, Emily M.;  Kim, Tae Yeol;  Farh, Jiing Lih;  Lin, Xiaowan;  Zhou, Fan
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Conservation Of Resource Theory  Demand–ability Fit  Ethical Climate  Job Performance  Self-verification Striving  Vigor  
The curvilinear relationship between job satisfaction and employee voice: Speaking up for the organization and the self Journal article
Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2020,Volume: 37,Issue: 2,Page: 587-607
Authors:  Xiaowan Lin;  Long W. Lam;  Lida L. Zhang
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Self-protective Voice Belief  Employee Voice  Job Satisfaction  Prosocial Voice Belief