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A Sub-0.25-pJ/bit 47.6-to-58.8-Gb/s Reference-Less FD-Less Single-Loop PAM-4 Bang-Bang CDR with a Deliberate-Current-Mismatch Frequency Acquisition Technique in 28-nm CMOS Journal article
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2022,Volume: 57,Issue: 5,Page: 1358-1371
Authors:  Zhao, Xiaoteng;  Chen, Yong;  Wang, Lin;  Mak, Pui In;  Maloberti, Franco;  Martins, Rui P.
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and zero net current (ZNC)  Bang-bang clock and data recovery (BBCDR)  charge pump (CP)  CMOS  four-level pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM)  frequency detector (FD)  half-rate  negative net current (NNC)  positive net current (PNC)  reference-less  
Quantitative demodulation of distributed low-frequency vibration based on phase-shifted dual-pulse phase-sensitive OTDR with direct detection Journal article
Optics Express, 2022,Volume: 30,Issue: 6,Page: 10096-10109
Authors:  Liu, Shuaiqi;  Shao, Liyang;  Yu, Fei Hong;  Xu, Weijie;  Vai, Mang I.;  Xiao, Dongrui;  Lin, Weihao;  Hu, Jie;  Zhao, Fang;  Wang, Guoqing;  Wang, Weizhi;  Liu, Huanhuan;  Shum, Perry P.;  Wang, Feng
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A Swing-Enhanced Class-D VCO Using a Periodically Time-Varying (PTV) Inductor Journal article
IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters, 2022,Volume: 5,Page: 25-28
Authors:  Lin, Xiaoqi;  Yin, Jun;  Mak, Pui In;  Martins, Rui P.
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Class-D oscillator  common-mode (CM) resonance  flicker noise upconversion  periodically time-varying (PTV) inductor  phase noise (PN)  voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO)  
A Sub-0.25pJ/bit 47.6-to-58.8Gb/s Reference-Less FD-Less Single-Loop PAM-4 Bang-Bang CDR with a Deliberately-Current-Mismatch Frequency Acquisition Technique in 28nm CMOS Conference paper
Digest of Papers - IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, Atlanta, GA, USA, 7-9 June 2021
Authors:  Zhao, Xiaoteng;  Chen, Yong;  Wang, Lin;  Mak, Pui In;  Maloberti, Franco;  Martins, Rui P.
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4-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (Pam-4)  Bang-bang Clock And Data Recovery (Bbcdr)  Charge Pump (Cp)  Cmos  Frequency Detector (Fd)  Half-rate  Negative (Nnc) Net Current  Positive (Pnc)  Reference Less  Single Loop  Zero (Znc)  
A Single-Stage Dual-Output Regulating Rectifier With Hysteretic Current-Wave Modulation Journal article
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2021
Authors:  Lin, Jie;  Lu, Yan;  Zhan, Chenchang;  Martins, Rui P.
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Active rectifier  dual-output  Modulation  power conversion efficiency (PCE)  Power transistors  receiver  Receivers  resonant wireless power transfer (WPT)  single-stage  three-level modulation  Topology  Transistors  Voltage control  voltage regulation.  Wireless communication  
Patient Health Questionnaire-9 scores do not accurately estimate depression prevalence: individual participant data meta-analysis Journal article
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2020,Volume: 122,Page: 115-128.e1
Authors:  Levis, Brooke;  Benedetti, Andrea;  Ioannidis, John P.A.;  Sun, Ying;  Negeri, Zelalem;  He, Chen;  Wu, Yin;  Krishnan, Ankur;  Bhandari, Parash Mani;  Neupane, Dipika;  Imran, Mahrukh;  Rice, Danielle B.;  Riehm, Kira E.;  Saadat, Nazanin;  Azar, Marleine;  Boruff, Jill;  Cuijpers, Pim;  Gilbody, Simon;  Kloda, Lorie A.;  McMillan, Dean;  Patten, Scott B.;  Shrier, Ian;  Ziegelstein, Roy C.;  Alamri, Sultan H.;  Amtmann, Dagmar;  Ayalon, Liat;  Baradaran, Hamid R.;  Beraldi, Anna;  Bernstein, Charles N.;  Bhana, Arvin;  Bombardier, Charles H.;  Carter, Gregory;  Chagas, Marcos H.;  Chibanda, Dixon;  Clover, Kerrie;  Conwell, Yeates;  Diez-Quevedo, Crisanto;  Fann, Jesse R.;  Fischer, Felix H.;  Gholizadeh, Leila;  Gibson, Lorna J.;  Green, Eric P.;  Greeno, Catherine G.;  Hall, Brian J.;  Haroz, Emily E.;  Ismail, Khalida;  Jetté, Nathalie;  Khamseh, Mohammad E.;  Kwan, Yunxin;  Lara, Maria Asunción;  Liu, Shen Ing;  Loureiro, Sonia R.;  Löwe, Bernd;  Marrie, Ruth Ann;  Marsh, Laura;  McGuire, Anthony;  Muramatsu, Kumiko;  Navarrete, Laura;  Osório, Flávia L.;  Petersen, Inge;  Picardi, Angelo;  Pugh, Stephanie L.;  Quinn, Terence J.;  Rooney, Alasdair G.;  Shinn, Eileen H.;  Sidebottom, Abbey;  Spangenberg, Lena;  Tan, Pei Lin Lynnette;  Taylor-Rowan, Martin;  Turner, Alyna;  van Weert, Henk C.;  Vöhringer, Paul A.;  Wagner, Lynne I.;  White, Jennifer;  Winkley, Kirsty;  Thombs, Brett D.
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Depression prevalence  Individual participant data meta-analysis  PHQ-9  SCID  
Large Collective Lamb Shift of Two Distant Superconducting Artificial Atoms Journal article
Physical Review Letters, 2019,Volume: 123,Issue: 23
Authors:  Wen,P. Y.;  Lin,K. T.;  Kockum,A. F.;  Suri,B.;  Ian,H.;  Chen,J. C.;  Mao,S. Y.;  Chiu,C. C.;  Delsing,P.;  Nori,F.;  Lin,G. D.;  Hoi,I. C.
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Design of KY converter with COT control under DCM operation Presentation
报告日期: 2019-08-29
Authors:  Zeng, W.-L.;  Lin, Z.-Y.;  Lam, C. S.;  Law, M. K.;  Sin, S. W.;  Maloberti, F.;  Wong, M. C.;  Martins, R. P.
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Actor–Partner Interdependence of Compassion toward Others with Qualities of Marital Relationship and Parent–Child Relationships in Chinese Families Journal article
Family Process, 2019,Volume: 59,Issue: 2,Page: 740-755
Authors:  Jiang,Yongqiang;  Lin,Xiuyun;  Hinshaw,Stephen P.;  Chi,Peilian;  Wu,Qinglu
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Actor–partner Interdependent Model  Chinese Families  Compassion  Marital Relationship  Parent–child Relationship  
Glutathione and H2O2 consumption promoted photodynamic and chemotherapy based on biodegradable MnO2–Pt@Au25 nanosheets Journal article
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019,Volume: 356,Page: 543-553
Authors:  Bi H.;  Dai Y.;  Yang P.;  Xu J.;  Yang D.;  Gai S.;  He F.;  An G.;  Zhong C.;  Lin J.
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Au25 Clusters  Mno2 Nanosheets  Mri  Photodynamic Therapy  Pt(Iv) Prodrugs