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Reconceptualizing the impact of feedback in second language writing: A multidimensional perspective Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2022,Volume: 53
Authors:  Liu, Chunhong;  Yu, Shulin
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Feedback impact  Text revision  Writing assessment  Writing process  Writing quality  
Teaching and Learning Writing in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) School Education Contexts: A Thematic Review Journal article
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 2022,Volume: 66,Issue: 3,Page: 491-504
Authors:  Geng, Feng;  Yu, Shulin;  Liu, Chunhong;  Liu, Zhuoyao
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EFL writing  school education contexts  teaching and learning writing  thematic review  young learners  
What works may hurt: The negative side of feedback in second language writing Journal article
Journal of Second Language Writing, 2021,Volume: 54
Authors:  Yu, Shulin;  Geng, Feng;  Liu, Chunhong;  Zheng, Yao
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Critical Incidents  Feedback Impact  Negative Influence  Teacher Feedback  Writing Assessment  
“I even feel annoyed and angry”: Teacher emotional experiences in giving feedback on student writing Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2021,Volume: 48
Authors:  Yu, Shulin;  Zheng, Yao;  Jiang, Lianjiang;  Liu, Chunhong;  Xu, Yiqin
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Giving Feedback  Teacher Emotion  Teacher Feedback  Writing Assessment  
Improving student feedback literacy in academic writing: An evidence-based framework Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2021,Volume: 48
Authors:  Yu, Shulin;  Liu, Chunhong
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Academic Writing  Classroom Assessment  Feedback Literacy  Peer Feedback  Writing Assessment  
Effects of TIP treatment on brain network topology of frontolimbic circuit in first-episode, treatment-naïve major depressive disorder Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2021,Volume: 279,Page: 122-130
Authors:  Lv,Xueyu;  Lu,Fengmei;  Zhang,Jinhua;  Chen,Heng;  Zhang,Liang;  Wang,Xiaoling;  Fan,Yangyang;  Fang,Jiliang;  Hong,Lan;  Wang,Jian;  Liu,Chunhong;  Yuan,Zhen;  He,Zongling;  Wang,Weidong
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Graph Theoretical Analysis  Low Resistance Thought Induction Psychotherapy  Major Depressive Disorder  Resting-state Functional Magnetic Resonance Image  
Paradigmatic variation in hedging and boosting: A comparative study of discussions in narrative inquiry and grounded theory research Journal article
English for Specific Purposes, 2021,Volume: 61,Page: 1-16
Authors:  Liu, Chunhong;  Tseng, Ming Yu
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Academic English  Booster  Grounded Theory  Hedge  Metadiscourse  Narrative Inquiry  
Exploring master’s students’ emotions and emotion-regulation in supervisory feedback situations: a vignette-based study Journal article
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 2021
Authors:  Liu, Chunhong;  Yu, Shulin
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academic writing  emotion regulation  Supervisory feedback  writing assessment  
Understanding students’ motivation in translation learning: a case study from the self-concept perspective Journal article
Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education, 2019,Volume: 4,Issue: 1
Authors:  Liu, Chunhong;  Yu, Chengyuan
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Motivation  MTI  Self-concept  Translation education