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Robust boron nanoplatform provokes potent tumoricidal activities via inhibiting heat shock protein Journal article
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 5,Page: 728-740
Authors:  Zhao, Yuying;  Liu, Ning;  Liu, Piaoxue;  Fan, Taojian;  Ma, Rui;  Hong, Huijie;  Chen, Xiaojia;  Xie, Zhongjian;  Zhang, Han;  Wang, Qi;  Chen, Tongkai
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Mild Photothermal Therapy  Chemotherapy  Boron Nanosheets  Heat Shock Proteins  Breast Cancer  
Rational Design of Thermosensitive Hydrogel to Deliver Nanocrystals with Intranasal Administration for Brain Targeting in Parkinson's Disease Journal article
Research, 2021,Volume: 2021,Page: 9812523
Authors:  Tan, Yun;  Liu, Yao;  Liu, Yujing;  Ma, Rui;  Luo, Jingshan;  Hong, Huijie;  Chen, Xiaojia;  Wang, Shengpeng;  Liu, Chuntai;  Zhang, Yi;  Chen, Tongkai
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Thermo-Responsive Hydrogel for Intranasal Delivery of Nanocrystals to Treat Parkinson's Disease Conference paper
The 7th Nano Today Conference, Guangzhou, November 15-18, 2021
Authors:  Liu, Yao;  Liu, Yujing;  Ma, Rui;  Hong, Huijie;  Chen, Xiaojia;  Chen, Tongkai
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Thermosensitive Hydrogel  Drug Nanocrystals  Nose To Brain Delivery  Neuroprotection  Parkinson's Disease  
Rapid discrimination of Ophiopogon japonicus from different producing regions and its close species using HS-GC-MS coupled with metabolomics analysis Conference paper
The 2nd Annual Conference of Metabolomics Branch of Biophysical Society of China & 2021 International Symposium of Metabolomics, Shanghai, September 24-26, 2021
Authors:  Leong, Fong;  Hong, Huijie;  Liu, Qiao;  Shen, Jiaman;  Yang, Qi;  Chen, Xiaojia
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Ophiopogon Japonicus  Hs-gc-ms  Volatile Organic Compounds  Metabolomics  Liriope Spicata  
A novel hybrid deep recommendation system to differentiate user's preference and item's attractiveness Journal article
Information Sciences, 2020,Volume: 519,Page: 306-316
Authors:  Zhang, Xiaofeng;  Liu, Huijie;  Chen, Xiaoyun;  Zhong, Jingbin;  Wang, Di
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Probabilistic Matrix Factorization  Deep Learning  Recommendation Systems