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Insights into synergistic effect of Pd single atoms and sub-nanoclusters on TiO2 for enhanced photocatalytic H2 evolution Journal article
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022,Volume: 450
Authors:  Lv, Tianping;  Xiao, Bin;  Xia, Fanjie;  Chen, Mingpeng;  Zhao, Jianhong;  Ma, Yuxiang;  Wu, Jinsong;  Zhang, Jin;  Zhang, Yumin;  Liu, Qingju
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Pd/tio2  Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution  Single Atoms  Sub-nanoclusters  Synergistic Effect  
Challenges and reforms --- Modern China’s judicial system Book chapter
出自: Individuals, society, and the state – from the perspective of penal law and criminology:Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Emil W. Pływaczewski, 2022
Authors:  Honglan Shuai;  Liu, Jianhong(corresponding)
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Building Justice Views: Exploring How Workplace Variables are Related to Justice Views of Chinese Prison Officers Conference paper
Atlanta, GA, November 16-19, 2022
Authors:  Liu, Jianhong;  Eric Lambert;  Shanhe Jiang;  Jinwu Zhang
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Punishing Chinese Corrupt Officials: An Empirical Examination of the Effect of Anti-Corruption Campaigns Under Two Regimes Conference paper
Atlanta, GA, November 16-19, 2022
Authors:  Bin Liang;  Xin Jiang;  Liu, Jianhong
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Social Structure and Homicide in Contemporary Asia Conference paper
Bielefeld University, 2022-11
Authors:  Liu, Jianhong
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Criminal Justice Rehabilitation in Macao, China Book chapter
出自: The Palgrave Handbook of Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice:Palgrave Macmillan, 2022, 页码: 359-375
Authors:  Donna Soi Wan Leong;  Liu, Jianhong(corresponding)
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Exploring the Relationship of Organizational Justice with Chinese Prison Staff Life Satisfaction Journal article
Prison Journal, 2022,Volume: 102,Issue: 5,Page: 565-585
Authors:  Eric G. Lambert;  Francis Boateng;  Jianhong Liu;  Jinwu Zhang;  Shanhe Jiang
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Correctional Staff  Life Satisfaction  Organizational Fairness  Prison Staff  China  
Psychometric evaluation of an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) measurement tool: an equitable assessment or reinforcing biases? Journal article
Health & Justice, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 34,Page: 1-11
Authors:  Mei, Xiaohan;  Li, Jiayu;  Li, Zhi-Shu;  Huang, Shun;  Li, Li-Li;  Huang, Yan-Hong;  Liu, Jianhong
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Confession and the Crime Control Model: an Analysis of Exonerated Death Penalty Cases in China Journal article
Asian Journal of Criminology, 2022,Volume: 17,Page: 33-54
Authors:  Lu, Hong;  Shuai, Honglan;  Li, Yudu;  Liu, Jianhong;  Liang, Bin
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China  Confession  Crime Control Model  Death Penalty  Exoneration  Police Misconduct  
Confession and the Crime Control Model: An Analysis of Exonerated Death Penalty Cases in China Journal article
Asian Journal of Criminology, 2022
Authors:  Hong Lu;  Shuai, H.L.;  Li, Y.D.;  Liu, Jianhong;  Liang, B.
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Confession  Crime Control Model  Exoneration  Death Penalty  China