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Recent advances in dialogue machine translation Journal article
Information (Switzerland), 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 11
Authors:  Liu, Siyou;  Sun, Yuqi;  Wang, Longyue
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Benchmark data  Building advanced system  Dialogue  Discourse issue  Existing ap-proaches  Neural machine translation  Real-life applications  
Recent Advances in Dialogue Machine Translation Journal article
Information, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 11
Authors:  Liu, Siyou;  Sun, Yuqi;  Wang, Longyue
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Dialogue  Neural Machine Translation  Discourse Issue  Benchmark Data  Existing Approaches  Real-life Applications  Building Advanced System  
Analysis of Temporal Adverbial Phrases for Portuguese–Chinese Machine Translation Conference paper
Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, Tomar, Portugal, July 13–15, 2016
Authors:  Siyou Liu;  Ana Luisa Varani Leal
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Temporal Adverbial Phrase  Machine Translation  Portuguese–chinese  Contrastive Analysis  Syntactic Structure  Syntax Rule  
Tradução automática chinês-português: uma análise dos adverbiais temporais Conference paper
Dialogar é preciso: linguística para o processamento de línguas, Vitória, Brasil, 2012/11/29-30
Authors:  Leal, Ana Luisa Varani;  Marcia Schmaltz;  Siyou Liu
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Adjunto Adverbial Temporal  Tradução Automática  Português  Chinês  Análise Contrastiva