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Broad and deep neural network for high-dimensional data representation learning Journal article
Information Sciences, 2022,Volume: 599,Page: 127-146
Authors:  Feng, Qiying;  Liu, Zhulin;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Broad And Deep Architecture  Broading Learning System  High-dimensional Data  Representation Learning  
Multi-scale 3D convolution feature-based Broad Learning System for Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis via MRI images Journal article
Applied Soft Computing, 2022,Volume: 120
Authors:  Han, Ruizhi;  Liu, Zhulin;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Alzheimer's Disease  Broad Learning System  Convolutional Neural Network  Image Classification  Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
Masked Facial Region Recognition Using Human Pose Estimation and Broad Learning System Conference paper
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Authors:  Xiao, Hongli;  Wang, Bingshu;  Zheng, Jiangbin;  Fang, Jin;  Liu, Zhulin;  Philip Chen, C. L.
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broad learning system  masked facial recognition  pose estimation  ROI extraction  
Random Feature based Collaborative Kernel Fuzzy Clustering for Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 2022
Authors:  Wang, Yingxu;  Han, Shiyuan;  Zhou, Jin;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Zhang, Tong;  Liu, Zhulin;  Wang, Lin;  Chen, Yuehui
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Clustering algorithms  Clustering methods  Collaboration  collaborative distributed clustering  Distributed databases  feature weights  Kernel  kernel fuzzy clustering  Peer-to-peer computing  Prototypes  random Fourier feature  
An Efficient Algorithm for the Incremental Broad Learning System by Inverse Cholesky Factorization of a Partitioned Matrix Journal article
IEEE Access, 2021,Volume: 9,Page: 19294-19303
Authors:  Zhu, Hufei;  Liu, Zhulin;  Philip Chen, C. L.;  Liang, Yanyang
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added nodes  Broad learning system (BLS)  efficient algorithms  incremental learning  inverse Cholesky factorization  partitioned matrix  pseudoinverse  random vector functional-link neural networks (RVFLNN)  single layer feedforward neural networks (SLFN)  
Research Review for Broad Learning System: Algorithms, Theory, and Applications Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2021,Volume: 52,Issue: 9,Page: 8922-8950
Authors:  Gong, Xinrong;  Zhang, Tong;  Chen, C. L.P.;  Liu, Zhulin
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Broad Learning System (Bls)  Classification  Computer Architecture  Computer Science  Feature Learning  Knowledge Engineering  Learning Systems  Regression  Research Review  Semisupervised Learning (Ssl)  Task Analysis  Training  Unsupervised Learning  Unsupervised Learning  
Multi-Channel EEG Based Emotion Recognition Using Temporal Convolutional Network and Broad Learning System Conference paper
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Toronto, ON, Canada, 11-14 Oct. 2020
Authors:  Jia,Xue;  Zhang,Tong;  Philip Chen,C. L.;  Liu,Zhulin;  Chen,Long;  Wen,Guihua;  Hu,Bin
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Eeg  Emotion Recognition  Temporal Convolutional Network (Tcn)  Broad Learning System (Bls)  Temporal Convolutional Broad Learning System (Tcbls)  
Mortality prediction for COVID-19 patients via Broad Learning System Conference paper
2020 7th International Conference on Information, Cybernetics, and Computational Social Systems, ICCSS 2020, Guangzhou, China, 13-15 Nov. 2020
Authors:  Han, Ruizhi;  Liu, Zhulin;  Philip Chen, C. L.;  Xu, Lili;  Peng, Guangzhu
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Broad Learning System  Covid-19  Mortality Prediction  
Multi-kernel broad learning systems based on random features:a novel expansion for nonlinear feature nodes Conference paper
Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
Authors:  Liu, Zhulin;  Philip Chen, C. L.;  Zhang, Tong;  Zhou, Jin
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Universal Approximation Capability of Broad Learning System and Its Structural Variations Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2019,Volume: 30,Issue: 4,Page: 1191-1204
Authors:  Chen,C. L.Philip;  Liu,Zhulin;  Feng,Shuang
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Broad Learning System (Bls)  Deep Learning  Face Recognition  Functional Link Neural Networks (Flnns)  Nonlinear Function Approximation  Time-variant Big Data Modeling  Universal Approximation