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When does corporate social responsibility drive customer citizenship behavior in tourism and hospitality industry? Conference paper
Kuala Lumpar, 23-25 May 2022
Authors:  Chow, Cheris Wing Chi;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Loi, Raymond;  Li, Fiona
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Driving Retail Cross-Selling Journal article
Journal of Service Research, 2022
Authors:  Xu, Angela J.;  Loi, Raymond;  Chow, Cheris W.C.;  Lin, Vicky S.Z.
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Cross-selling  Leader–member Exchange (Lmx)  Person–organization (P–o) Fit  Work Meaningfulness Of Serving Others  
Does Taking Charge Help or Harm Employees’ Promotability and Visibility? An Investigation From Supervisors’ Status Perspective Journal article
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2022
Authors:  Xu, Angela J.;  Loi, Raymond;  Chow, Cheris W.C.
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Dyadic Complementary Fit  Promotability  Status  Taking Charge  Visibility  
Why and when proactive employees take charge at work: the role of servant leadership and prosocial motivation Journal article
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2022,Volume: 31,Issue: 1,Page: 117-127
Authors:  Xu, Angela J.;  Loi, Raymond;  Chow, Cheris W.C.
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Proactive Personality  Prosocial Motivation  Servant Leadership  Taking Charge  
Punishing the Perpetrator of Incivility: The Differential Roles of Moral Identity and Moral Thinking Orientation Journal article
Journal of Management, 2021,Volume: 47,Issue: 4,Page: 898-929
Authors:  Lin, Xiaowan;  Loi, Raymond
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Constructive Punitive Reaction  Destructive Punitive Reaction  Moral Identity  Moral Thinking Orientation  Peer-to-peer Incivility  
Not Threats, but Resources: An Investigation of How Leaders React to Employee Constructive Voice Journal article
British Journal of Management, 2021
Authors:  Xu, Angela J.;  Loi, Raymond;  Cai, Zhenyao
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Linking organizational social exchange to intention to leave: Does normative commitment matter? Journal article
The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2020
Authors:  Yan Liu;  Raymond Loi;  Hang-yue Ngo
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Organizational Social Exchange  Normative Commitment  Individual-level Power Distance  Intention To Leave  Nonreciprocal Relationship  
Buffering negative impacts of jaycustomer behavior on service employees Journal article
Journal of Services Marketing, 2020,Volume: 34,Issue: 5,Page: 635-650
Authors:  Tan,Alice J.M.;  Loi,Raymond;  Lam,Long W.;  Chow,Cheris W.C.
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Anger  Anxiety  Emotion  Employee  Jaycustomer Behavior  Justice  Procedural Justice  Service Encounter  Service Marketing  
Reversing the lens: How followers influence leader–member exchange quality Journal article
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 2019,Volume: 92,Issue: 3,Page: 475-497
Authors:  Xu, Angela J.;  Loi, Raymond;  Cai, Zhenyao;  Liden, Robert C.
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followership  goal striving  leader–member exchange  service resources  taking charge  
Linking customer participation to service employees’ work-to-family enrichment: The role of job crafting and OBSE Journal article
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 2019,Volume: 93,Issue: 2,Page: 381-404
Authors:  Raymond Loi;  Angela J. Xu;  Cheris W.C. Chow;  Wilco W.H. Chan
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Customer Participation  Job Crafting  Organization-based Self-esteem  Work-family Enrichment