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A deep generative approach for crash frequency model with heterogeneous imbalanced data Journal article
Analytic Methods in Accident Research, 2022,Volume: 34
Authors:  Ding, Hongliang;  Lu, Yuhuan;  Sze, N. N.;  Chen, Tiantian;  Guo, Yanyong;  Lin, Qinghai
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Augmented Variational Autoencoder  Crash Frequency Model  Imbalanced Crash Data  Machine Learning  
Online Trajectory Estimation Based on a Network-Wide Cellular Fingerprint Map Journal article
Sensors, 2022,Volume: 22,Issue: 4
Authors:  Chen, Langqiao;  Lu, Yuhuan;  He, Zhaocheng;  Chen, Yixian
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Data Analysis  Human Mobility  Intelligent Transportation Systems  Traffic Monitoring  
Vehicle Trajectory Prediction in Connected Environments via Heterogeneous Context-Aware Graph Convolutional Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2022
Authors:  Lu, Yuhuan;  Wang, Wei;  Hu, Xiping;  Xu, Pengpeng;  Zhou, Shengwei;  Cai, Ming
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Connected Vehicles  Convolutional Neural Networks  Dynamics  Feature Extraction  Graph Neural Networks  Interaction Context.  Predictive Models  Roads  Traffic Big Data  Trajectory  Trajectory Prediction  Vehicle Dynamics  
Effect of the ultra-low emission zone on the usage of public bike sharing in London Journal article
Transportation Letters, 2022
Authors:  Ding, Hongliang;  Sze, N. N.;  Guo, Yanyong;  Lu, Yuhuan
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Bicycle Demand  London Cycle Hire (Lch) Scheme  Propensity Score Matching (Psm) Method  Travel Behavior  Ultra-low Emission Zone (Ulez)  
A resampling approach to disaggregate analysis of bus-involved crashes using panel data with excessive zeros Journal article
Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2022,Volume: 164
Authors:  Chen, Tiantian;  Lu, Yuhuan;  Fu, Xiaowen;  Sze, N. N.;  Ding, Hongliang
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Bus Safety  Crash Frequency Model  Excessive Zeros  Resampling Approach