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Maintaining cost and ruin probability Journal article
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2021,Volume: 57,Issue: 2,Page: 759-793
Authors:  Karathanasopoulos, Andreas;  Lo, Chia Chun;  Ma, Xiaorong;  Qin, Zhenjiang
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C02  C61  Charitable Trust  Fixed Cost  G11  G23  Maintaining Cost  Permanent Operability  Ruin Probability  
Governance through trading on acquisitions of public firms Journal article
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020,Volume: 65
Authors:  Chang, Eric C.;  Lin, Tse Chun;  Ma, Xiaorong
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Corporate Investments  Decimalization  Governance Through Trading  Mergers And Acquisitions  Wealth Performance Sensitivity  
Callable bull/bear contracts, call auction sessions, and price manipulations: Evidence from Hong Kong Journal article
Journal of Futures Markets, 2020,Volume: 40,Issue: 11,Page: 1731-1750
Authors:  Lei, Adrian C.H.;  Ma, Xiaorong;  Yick, Martin H.Y.
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Callable Bull/bear Contracts  Closing Auction Session  Manipulation  Price Reversals  
Does short-selling threat discipline managers in mergers and acquisitions decisions? Journal article
Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2018
Authors:  Eric C. Chang;  Tse-Chun Lin;  Xiaorong Ma
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Announcement Returns  External Corporate Governance  Lending Supply  Mergers And Acquisitions  Short-selling Threat