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What explains Macau students' achievement? An integrative perspective using a machine learning approach Journal article
Journal for the Study of Education and Development, 2022,Volume: 45,Issue: 4,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Wang, Yi;  King, Ronnel;  Haw, Joseph;  Leung, Shing On
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Reading Achievement, Pisa, Machine Learning, Macau Education  
How working-age population education and health of older people shape the burden of population aging: A comparative study of Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore Journal article
Frontiers in Public Health, 2022,Volume: 10
Authors:  Xue, Dong Mei;  Bai, Qian;  Bian, Ying
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burden  educational attainment  Hong Kong  Macau  older people  population aging  Singapore  working-age population  
Parents' intention for their children to receive COVID-19 vaccine: Implications for vaccination program in Macao Journal article
Frontiers in Pediatrics, 2022,Volume: 10
Authors:  Choi, Un I.;  Pang, Yimin;  Zheng, Yu;  Tang, Pou Kuan;  Hu, Hao;  Ung, Carolina Oi Lam
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Children  Covid-19  Intention  Macao (Macau)  Parent  Sars-cov-2  Vaccine  
Self-regulated learning strategies of Macau English as a foreign language learners: Validity of responses and academic achievements Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Deng, Xiaojia;  Wang, Chuang;  Xu, Jianzhong
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Academic Achievement  English As a Foreign Language  Macau  Self-regulated Learning  Validity  
. Promoting Linguistic Citizenship In Classroom With The Interactional Sociolinguistics Approach Book chapter
Authors:  Teixeira e Silva, R.
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Portuguese As An Additional lAnguage  Interactional Sociolinguistics  Linguistic Citizenship  Ssroom Interactions  Macau  
Occupational crimes in casinos: employee theft in Macau, China Journal article
Crime, Law and Social Change, 2022,Volume: 78,Issue: 3,Page: 241-270
Authors:  Pontell, Henry N.;  Liu, Jianhong(corresponding);  Contreras, Christopher;  Leong, Soi Wan Donna;  Huang, Li
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Casinos  Employee Theft  Macau  Self-reported Crime  
Translanguaging Practices of Macau Junior-One Students in a Remedial Class Journal article
Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education, 2022,Volume: 7,Page: 1-14
Authors:  Chan, Brian Hok-Shing;  Chou, Chris, Ion-Pang
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Translanguaging  Macau  Separate Bi/multilingualism.  Co-learning  Remedial Class  
The Relationship between Christian Religiosity and Adolescent Substance Use in China Journal article
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2022,Volume: 19,Issue: 18
Authors:  Li, Spencer De;  Lu, Jiaqi;  Chen, Yiyi
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Adolescent Substance Use  China  Christian Religiosity  Macau  Moral Community  
O direito a saber quem sou sem prazo no Direito da filiação Journal article
O Direito, 2022,Volume: 154,Issue: III,Page: 419-454
Authors:  Hugo Luz dos Santos;  梁靜姮 Leong Cheng Hang
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Direito a Saber Quem Sou Sem Prazo  Verdade Biológica  Direito Ao Conhecimento Das Origens Genéticas  Direito à Historicidade Pessoal  Código Civil De Macau De 1999  Boa Fé  Abuso Do Direito  Sanção De Ineficácia Patrimonial.  
From Charity to Philanthropy: Study on Association-Running Schools in Non-Tertiary Education Fields in Macau Journal article
Journal of Educational and Social Research, 2022,Volume: 12,Issue: 5,Page: 1-10
Authors:  Tang, Chunlin;  Lou, Shenghua;  Xu, Jialin
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Charity  Macau  Non-tertiary Education  Philanthropy