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Learner Characteristics Enhancing Academic Resilience: Analysis of Five High-Performing Chinese Economies in PISA 2012 Journal article
International Journal of Education and Psychology in the Community, 2022,Volume: -,Issue: -,Page: -
Authors:  Cheung, K.C.;  Sit, P.S.;  Mak, S.K.;  Ieong, M.K.
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Academic Resilience  Behavioral Engagement  Cognitive Attribution  Learner Characteristic  Pisa  
Home resources Conference paper
15th Biennial EARLI conference, 1, 1
Authors:  Sit, P. S.;  Cheung, K. C.;  Mak, S.K.
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Reading Literacy  Parent Support  Parent Motivation  Mediating Effect  Pisa  
Metacognitive strategies as mediators in the explanation of gender difference in digital reading performance – The case of Hong Kong Conference paper
20th International Conference on Learning
Authors:  Cheung, K. C.;  Sit, P. S.;  Mak, S.K.
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digital reading  metacognitive awareness  gender difference  ICT  
The effec Conference paper
20th International conference on Learning, 1, 1
Authors:  Sit, P. S.;  Cheung, K. C.;  Cheong, W. C.;  Mak, S.K.
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Digital Reading  Webpage Navigation  Reading Assessment  Pisa  
Reading enga Conference paper
20th International Conference on Learning, 1, 1
Authors:  Mak, S.K.;  Cheung, K. C.;  Sit, P. S.
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Print Reading  Reading Engagement  Metacognitive Strategy  Gender Difference  
Mediating variables Conference paper
European Conference on Educational Research 2012, 1, 1
Authors:  Cheung, K.C.;  Mak, S.K.;  Sit, P. S.
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Digital Reading  Gender Difference  Mediating Effects  Pisa  
Performance of Sampled School in PISA 2009 Released Reading Literacy Items Report
, 2011
Authors:  Cheung, K. C.;  Sit, P. S.;  Mak, S.K.;  Ieong, M. K.;  Fong, I. F.;  Lam, L. F.
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