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What we need to know about student writers' grammar learning and correction Journal article
Applied Linguistics Review, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 2,Page: 175-199
Authors:  Chian-Wen Kao;  Barry Lee Reynolds;  (Mark) Feng Teng
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Efl Learner Beliefs  Exploratory Factor Analysis  Grammar Correction  Grammar Learning  Second Language Writing  
Validation of metacognitive academic writing strategies and the predictive effects on academic writing performance in a foreign language context Journal article
Metacognition and Learning, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1,Page: 167-190
Authors:  Teng, Mark Feng;  Qin, Chenghai;  Wang, Chuang
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Academic Writing  Language Learning Strategies  Metacognition  Metacognitive Knowledge  Metacognitive Regulation  
Assessing academic writing self-efficacy belief and writing performance in a foreign language context Journal article
Foreign Language Annals, 2022
Authors:  Teng, Mark Feng;  Wang, Chuang
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Academic Writing  Language Learning Strategies  Self-efficacy Belief  Writing Assessment  
Assessing self-regulatory writing strategies and their predictive effects on young EFL learners’ writing performance Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2022,Volume: 51
Authors:  Teng, Mark Feng;  Wang, Chuang;  Zhang, Lawrence Jun
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Metacognition  Regulation  Self-regulatory Writing Strategies  Writing Performance  Young Efl Learners  
Psychosocial profiles of university students’ emotional adjustment, perceived social support, self-efficacy belief, and foreign language anxiety during COVID-19 Journal article
Educational and Developmental Psychologist, 2022
Authors:  Wang, Chuang;  Teng, Mark Feng;  Liu, Shuwen
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Emotional Adjustment  English  Foreign Language Anxiety  Learning  Self-efficacy Belief  Social Support  
Effects of cooperative–metacognitive instruction on EFL learners’ writing and metacognitive awareness Journal article
Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 2022,Volume: 42,Issue: 2,Page: 179-195
Authors:  Teng, Mark Feng
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Cooperative Learning  Metacognition  Metacognitive Regulation  Writing  
Using Learning-Oriented Online Assessment to Foster Students’ Feedback Literacy in L2 Writing During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case of Misalignment Between Micro- and Macro- Contexts Journal article
Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 2021,Volume: 30,Issue: 6,Page: 597-609
Authors:  Ma, Maggie;  Wang, Chuang;  Teng, Mark Feng
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Covid-19  Feedback Literacy  L2 Writing  Learning-oriented Online Assessment  
Incidental and informal vocabulary learning: Introduction to the special issue Journal article
TESOL Journal, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 4,Page: 1-7
Authors:  Reynolds, Barry Lee;  Teng, Mark Feng
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Metacognitive Strategies, Language Learning Motivation, Self-Efficacy Belief, and English Achievement During Remote Learning: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach Journal article
RELC Journal, 2021
Authors:  Teng, Mark Feng;  Wang, Chuang;  Wu, Junjie Gavin
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English Learning Achievement  Language Learning Motivation  Metacognitive Strategies  Self-efficacy Belief  
Innovating teacher feedback with writing activities aimed at raising secondary school students’ awareness of collocation errors Journal article
Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, 2021,Volume: 11,Issue: 3,Page: 423-444
Authors:  Reynolds, Barry Lee;  Teng, Mark Feng
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Feedback Corpus  L2 Feedback  L2 Writing Activities  Word Choice Errors  Written Corrective Feedback