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A chromosome-level assembly of the Atlantic herring genome-detection of a supergene and other signals of selection Journal article
Genome Research, 2019,Volume: 29,Issue: 11,Page: 1919-1928
Authors:  Pettersson, Mats E.;  Rochus, Christina M.;  Han, Fan;  Chen, Junfeng;  Hill, Jason;  Wallerman, Ola;  Fan, Guangyi;  Hong, Xiaoning;  Xu, Qiwu;  Zhang, He;  Liu, Shanshan;  Liu, Xin;  Haggerty, Leanne;  Hunt, Toby;  Martin, Fergal J.;  Flicek, Paul;  Bunikis, Ignas;  Folkvord, Arild;  Andersson, Leif
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