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COVID-19 impact on hospitality retail employees’ turnover intentions Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2022,Volume: 34,Issue: 6,Page: 2092-2112
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  Chi In, Charlene Lai;  Pinto, José Soares de Albergaria Ferreira
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Covid-19  Hospitality Retail Workforce  Retention Strategy  Turnover Intention  
Living with COVID-19 and Sustaining a Tourism Recovery—Adopting a Front-Line Collaborative Response between the Tourism Industry and Community Pharmacists Journal article
Tourism and Hospitality, 2022
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  Ung, Oi Lam Carolina;  Pinto, José Ferreira
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Macao's COVID-19 responses: From virus elimination success to vaccination rollout challenges Other
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  Pinto, Jose
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Covid-19 Eradication  Macao  Vaccination Rollout  
City resilience and recovery from COVID-19: The case of Macao Journal article
Cities, 2021,Volume: 112
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  Pinto, Jose;  Liu, Matthew
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Chinese Visitation  City Economies  Covid-19  Destination Resilience  Tourism Destination Vulnerabilities  
The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on Macao. From tourism lockdown to tourism recovery Other
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn
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Coronavirus outbreak  government policies  tourism lockdown  tourism recovery  
Taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey: hospitality industry in Macao under the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2021,Volume: 33,Issue: 4,Page: 1249-1275
Authors:  Liu, Matthew Tingchi;  Wang, Shaoshan;  McCartney, Glenn;  Wong, Ip Kin Anthony
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Covid-19 Pandemic  Hospitality Recovery  Macao  Moderate Industrial Diversification  
Rise of the machines: towards a conceptual service-robot research framework for the hospitality and tourism industry Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2020,Volume: 13,Issue: 12,Page: 3835-3851
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  McCartney, Andrew
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Customer acceptance and experiences  Employee acceptance and experiences  Hospitality  Policy and compliance  Service robots (SRs)  
Co-Creation Tourism in an Ancient Chinese Town Journal article
Journal of China Tourism Research, 2020,Volume: 16,Issue: 2,Page: 159-182
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  Chen, Yimin
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Chinese Ancient Town  Co-creation Experiences  Cultural Authenticity  Tourist Engagement  Tourism Destination Management  
Art festival attendance: Who attends and why with implications on developing future festival attractiveness Journal article
Journal of Convention and Event Tourism, 2018,Volume: 19,Issue: 3,Page: 268-285
Authors:  McCartney,Glenn;  Ip Si Kei,Dorothy
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Community Outreach  Festival Event  Marketing Segmentation  Participant Motives  Repeat Visitation  
An examination of the impact of green impressions by delegates toward a trade show Journal article
Journal of Convention and Event Tourism, 2018,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 25-43
Authors:  McCartney,Glenn;  Leong,Venus Meng Wai
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Delegate decision-making  delegate referral  green meetings  responsible tourism