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Preclinical safety evaluation and tracing of human mesenchymal stromal cell spheroids following intravenous injection into cynomolgus monkeys Journal article
Biomaterials, 2022,Volume: 289
Authors:  Cheung KwanYeung;  Yaping Yan;  Li Yan;  Yanchao Duan;  Enqin Li;  Borong Huang;  Ke Lu;  Koukou Li;  Muya Zhou;  Lei Zhang;  Yaojiong Wu;  Kathy Qian Luo;  Weizhi Ji;  Ren-He Xu;  Wei Si
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Trypsin 3 promotes cell survival under shear stress and further metastasis of CTCs by activating a GPCR, protease-activated receptor 2 Presentation
会议地点: The 6th Symposium on Biomedical Sciences for Students, Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants, Macau, China, 会议日期: 2022-04-06, 报告日期: 2022-04-06
Authors:  Zhou, Muya;  Li, Koukou;  Luo, Kathy Qian
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Desmosomal proteins of DSC2 and PKP1 promote cancer cells survival and metastasis by increasing cluster formation in circulatory system Journal article
Science Advances, 2021,Volume: 7,Issue: 40
Authors:  Li, Koukou;  Wu, Renfei;  Zhou, Muya;  Tong, Haibo;  Luo, Kathy Q.
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