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Investigation of stability of piceatannol in Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium by in situ UPLC-MS/MS analysis Journal article
Natural Product Communications, 2022
Authors:  Cheong, Meng Sam;  Nahar, L;  Sarker, SD;  Cheang, Wai San;  Xiao, Jianbo
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Jiedu Huoxue Decoction for Cytokine Storm and Thrombosis in Severe COVID-19: A Combined Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry Approach Journal article
Natural Product Communications, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 4
Authors:  Liu, Ying;  Yan, Han;  Jia, Hui Bin;  Pan, Li;  Liu, Jia Zheng;  Zhang, Ya Wen;  Wang, Jing;  Qin, Dao Gang;  Ma, Lei;  Wang, Ting
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bioactivity  bioinformatics  computational chemistry  COVID-19  cytokine storm  Jiedu Huoxue Decoction  molecular dynamics simulation  thrombosis  
Anti-angiogenic activity and mechanism of sesquiterpene lactones from Centipeda minima Journal article
Natural Product Communications, 2016,Volume: 11,Issue: 4,Page: 435-438
Authors:  Huang W.;  Yu X.;  Liang N.;  Ge W.;  Kwok H.F.;  Lau C.B.-S.;  Li Y.;  Chung H.Y.
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6-o-angeloylenolin  Anti-angiogenesis  Centipeda Minima  Mechanism  Zebrafish