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Database of word-level statistics for Mandarin Chinese (DoWLS-MAN) Journal article
Behavior Research Methods, 2022,Volume: 54,Issue: 2,Page: 987-1009
Authors:  Neergaard, Karl David;  Xu, Hongzhi;  German, James S.;  Huang, Chu Ren
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Lexical Database  Mandarin Chinese  Network Phonology  Phonological Neighborhood Density  Syllable Segmentation  
Empowering Interactive Robots by Learning through Multimodal Feedback Channel Conference paper
ICMI 2021 - Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, Montreal, Canada, 2021-10
Authors:  Turan, Cigdem;  Koert, Dorothea;  Neergaard, Karl David;  Lioutikov, Rudolf
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Datasets  Gaze Detection  Neural Networks  Text Tagging  
Education and long-term outcomes in first episode psychosis: 10-year follow-up study of the PAFIP cohort Journal article
Psychological Medicine, 2021
Authors:  Ayesa-Arriola, Rosa;  Miguel-Corredera, Margarita;  De La Foz, Victor Ortiz García;  Neergaard, Karl D.;  Correa-Ghisays, Patricia;  Setién-Suero, Esther;  Crespo-Facorro, Benedicto
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Education  first-episode psychosis  long-term outcomes  neurocognition  
Effective Connectivity Study Guiding the Neuromodulation Intervention in Figurative Language Comprehension Using Optical Neuroimaging Journal article
Neural Plasticity, 2020,Volume: 2020
Authors:  Couto,Tania Alexandra;  Xu,Shiyang;  Da Silva,Paulo Armada;  Wu,Chenggang;  Neergaard,Karl;  Wang,Meng Yun;  Zhang,Juan;  Xiang,Yutao;  Yuan,Zhen
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Phonological network fluency identifies phonological restructuring through mental search Journal article
Scientific Reports, 2019,Volume: 9,Issue: 1
Authors:  Neergaard, Karl David;  Luo, Jin;  Huang, Chu Ren
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