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Macromodeling approach for pushover analysis of textile-reinforced mortar-strengthened masonry Other
Authors:  Oliveira, Daniel V.;  Ghiassi, Bahman;  Allahvirdizadeh, Reza;  Wang, Xuan;  Mininno, Gemma;  Silva, Rui A.
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Masonry  Numerical Analysis  Pushover  Seismic Behavior  Strengthening  Trm  
Modelling the nonlinear behaviour of masonry walls strengthened with textile reinforced mortars Journal article
ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, 2017,Volume: 134,Page: 11-24
Authors:  Wang, X.;  Ghiassi, Bahman;  Oliveira, Daniel V.;  Lam, C. C.
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Historical Structures  Strengthening  Textile Reinforced Mortars (Trms)  Fe Simulation  Seismic Performance