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Parent–child relationships and depressive symptom among Chinese college students: the mediating role of psychological needs satisfaction and the moderating role of mindfulness Journal article
Motivation and Emotion, 2022,Volume: 46,Issue: 4,Page: 522-534
Authors:  Gao, Qiufeng;  Lu, Sihan;  Sun, Ruimei;  Zheng, Haiyan;  Ouyang, Ziyu
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College Students  Depressive Symptom  Mindfulness  Parent–child Relationships  Psychological Needs Satisfaction  
Comparative study on comprehensive quality of Xinhui chenpi by two main plant propagation techniques Journal article
Food Science and Nutrition, 2022
Authors:  Tan, E. yu;  Li, Fang;  Lin, Xinheng;  Ma, Shaofeng;  Zhang, Guanghua;  Zhou, Hua;  Ouyang, Yue;  Tang, Ziyu;  Cheng, Qiqing
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Citrus limonia  Citrus reticulata “Chachi”  cutting  grafting  quality  Xinhui chenpi