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Accessing Semantic Information from Above: Parafoveal Processing during the Reading of Vertically Presented Sentences in Traditional Chinese Journal article
Cognitive Science, 2022,Volume: 46,Issue: 2
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Yan, Ming *;  Yeh, Su Ling
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Chinese  Phonological  Preview Benefit  Semantic  Vertical Reading  
Preview frequency effects in reading: evidence from Chinese Journal article
Psychological Research, 2022
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Yan, Ming *
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The Beijing sentence corpus: A Chinese sentence corpus with eye movement data and predictability norms Journal article
Behavior Research Methods, 2021,Volume: 54,Page: 1989-2000
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Yan, Ming *;  Richter, Eike;  Shu, Hua;  Kliegl, Reinhold
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Phonological consistency effects in Chinese sentence reading Journal article
Scientific Studies of Reading, 2021,Volume: 25,Issue: 4,Page: 335-350
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Laubrock, Jochen;  Yan, Ming *
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Sandhi-tone words prolong fixation duration during silent sentence reading in Chinese Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2021,Volume: 34,Issue: 4,Page: 841-857
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Zhang, Caicai;  Huang, Xunan;  Yan, Ming *
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Chinese  Eye Movement  Sentence Reading  Tone Sandhi  
Chinese children benefit from alternating-color words in sentence reading Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2021,Volume: 34,Issue: 2,Page: 355-369
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Liu, Miaomiao;  Li, Hong;  Yan, Ming *
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Chinese  Individual Difference  Literacy  Reading Development  Word Boundary  
The Beijing Sentence Corpus: A Chinese sentence corpus with eye movement data and predictability norms Journal article
Behavior Research Methods, 2021
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Yan, Ming;  Richter, Eike M.;  Shu, Hua;  Kliegl, Reinhold
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Chinese reading  Corpus analysis  Eye tracking  Predictability  
Semantic preview benefit and cost: Evidence from parafoveal fast-priming paradigm Journal article
Cognition, 2020,Volume: 205
Authors:  Pan, Jinger;  Yan, Ming *;  Laubrock, Jochen
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Chinese  Oral Reading  Parafoveal  Semantic Preview Cost  
The Perceptual Span and Individual Differences among Chinese Children Journal article
Scientific Studies of Reading, 2020,Volume: 24,Issue: 6,Page: 520-530
Authors:  Yan, Ming;  Li, Hong;  Su, Yongqiang;  Cao, Yuqing;  Pan, Jinger
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Eye movement control in chinese reading: A cross-sectional study Journal article
Developmental Psychology, 2019,Volume: 55,Issue: 11,Page: 2275-2285
Authors:  Yan, Ming;  Pan, Jinger;  Kliegl, Reinhold
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Chinese  Development  Eye Movement  Reading