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The resurrection of RIP kinase 1 as an early cell death checkpoint regulator—a potential target for therapy in the necroptosis era Journal article
Experimental and Molecular Medicine, 2022,Volume: 54,Issue: 9,Page: 1401-1411
Authors:  Ju, Eunjin;  Park, Kyeong Ah;  Shen, Han Ming;  Hur, Gang Min
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ANKRD13a controls early cell-death checkpoint by interacting with RIP1 independent of NF-κB Journal article
Cell Death and Differentiation, 2021
Authors:  Won, Minho;  Park, Kyeong Ah;  Kim, Sup;  Ju, Eunjin;  Ko, Youngbok;  Yoo, Heonjong;  Ro, Hyunju;  Lee, Jaeseob;  Oh, Junseo;  Lee, Eun Gyo;  Kim, Sang Yean;  Nam, Suk Woo;  Shen, Han Ming;  Yeo, Min Kyung;  Kim, Jin Man;  Hur, Gang Min
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3-O-acetylrubianol C (3AR-C) induces RIPK1-dependent programmed cell death by selective inhibition of IKKβ Journal article
FASEB Journal, 2020,Volume: 34,Issue: 3,Page: 4369-4383
Authors:  Kang,Kidong;  Quan,Khong Trong;  Byun,Hee Sun;  Lee,So Ra;  Piao,Xuezhe;  Ju,Eunjin;  Park,Kyeong Ah;  Sohn,Kyung Cheol;  Shen,Han Ming;  Na,Min Kyun;  Hur,Gang Min
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3ar-c  Apoptosis  Ikkβ  Necroptosis  Phosphorylation  Ripk1  Tnf