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Reframing incentives for climate policy action Journal article
Nature Energy, 2021,Volume: 6,Issue: 12,Page: 1133-1143
Authors:  Mercure, J. F.;  Salas, P.;  Vercoulen, P.;  Semieniuk, G.;  Lam, A.;  Pollitt, H.;  Holden, P. B.;  Vakilifard, N.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Edwards, N. R.;  Vinuales, J. E.
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The New Economics of Innovation and Transition: Evaluating Opportunities and Risks Report
, 2021
Authors:  Grubb, M.;  Drummond, P;  Mercure, J-F;  Hepburn,C.;  Jones, A.;  Jun, G;  Kekar, U.;  ANADON, L.;  Mathur, R.;  PASQUALINO, R.;  PENASCO, C.;  POLLITT, H.;  LAM, A.;  ROVENTINI, A.;  ROVENTINI, A.;  SALAS, P.;  SHARPE, S.;  ZHU, SONGLI;  VERCOULE, P.N,;  WAGHRAY, K.;  XILIANG, Z.
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Policies to Decarbonize Passenger Vehicles in 2050 in East Asia Book chapter
出自: Routledge.:Routledge., 2019
Authors:  Lam, A.;  Lee, S.;  Cho, Y.;  Lin, C.;  Knobloch, F.;  Pollitt, H.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Mercure J.-F.
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The Economic Impacts of Reduced Reliance on Coal and Nuclear Power Generation in East Asia Book chapter
出自: Routledge.:Routledge., 2019
Authors:  Lam, A.;  Lee, S.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Xu, B.;  Pollitt, H.;  Chiashi, A.;  Vercoulen, P.;  Knobloch, F.
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Climate-carbon cycle uncertainties and the Paris Agreement Journal article
Nature Climate Change, 2018,Volume: 8,Issue: 7,Page: 609-613
Authors:  Holden,P. B.;  Edwards,N. R.;  Ridgwell,A.;  Wilkinson,R. D.;  Fraedrich,K.;  Lunkeit,F.;  Pollitt,H. E.;  Mercure,J. F.;  Salas,P.;  Lam,A.;  Knobloch,F.;  Chewpreecha,U.;  Viñuales,J. E.
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Integrated assessment modelling as a positive science: private passenger road transport policies to meet a climate target well below 2 C-degrees Journal article
CLIMATIC CHANGE, 2018,Volume: 151,Issue: 2,Page: 109-129
Authors:  Mercure, J. -F.;  Lam, A.;  Billington, S.;  Pollitt, H.
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Macroeconomic impact of stranded fossil fuel assets Journal article
Nature Climate Change, 2018,Volume: 8,Issue: 7,Page: 588-593
Authors:  Mercure,J. F.;  Pollitt,H.;  Viñuales,J. E.;  Edwards,N. R.;  Holden,P. B.;  Chewpreecha,U.;  Salas,P.;  Sognnaes,I.;  Lam,A.;  Knobloch,F.
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