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中國區際逮捕令簽發程序之構建——歐盟經驗能否適用于中國 Journal article
澳門法學, 2016,Page: 24-36
Authors:  Li, Z.;  Quan, D
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区际逮捕令  签发程序  逃犯移交  
Shape Similarity Assessment Measures for Design Reuse - An Experimental Comparison Journal article
Information Engineering Letters, 2012,Page: 87-94
Authors:  Yang, Z. X.;  Quan, L.
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3D Similarity Assessment  Surface Deformation  Design Reuse  Shape Histogram  
An experimental comparison of similarity assessment measures for 3D models on constrained surface deformation Conference paper
AIP Conference Proceedings
Authors:  Quan L.;  Yang Z.
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3D Similarity Assessment  Design Re-usage  Shape Histogram  Surface Deformation  
Experimental study on anti-fouling performance in a heat exchanger with low voltage electrolysis treatment Journal article
Heat Transfer Engineering, 2009,Volume: 30,Issue: 3,Page: 181-188
Authors:  Quan Z.;  Chen Y.;  Ma C.;  Wang C.;  Li B.
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A survey of content based similarity measures for 3D models Conference paper
38th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering 2008
Authors:  Quan L.;  Yang Z.
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3D model  Content based  Design reusage  Group technology  Similarity measures