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Ghost trains: past and future mobilities haunting a Southern Town Journal article
Mobilities, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 3,Page: 317-332
Authors:  Kidder Hodges, Benjamin
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Affect  Catastrophe  Hauntology  High-speed Rail  Race  
Numerical Analysis and Experimental Investigation on a Novel Piezoelectric-Actuated Rail-Type Mobile Platform Journal article
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2022,Volume: 27,Issue: 2,Page: 744-752
Authors:  Hao, Bo;  Wang, Liang;  Wang, Ruifeng;  Sun, Yuhang;  Jin, Jiamei;  Xu, Qingsong
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Mobile Platform  Piezoelectric Actuator  Rail  Transfer Matrix Method (Tmm)  Ultrasonic Motor  
Unified Power Quality Management for Traction Substation Groups Connected to Weak Power Grids Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2022,Volume: 37,Issue: 5,Page: 4178-4189
Authors:  Chen, Minwu;  Chen, Yingtao;  Chen, Yinyu;  Dai, Xianfeng;  Liu, Li
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Mathematical Models  Negative Sequence Current  Power Grids  Power Quality  Rail Transportation  Substations  Traction Power Supplies  Traction Substation Group  Transformers  Unified Model  Voltage  Weak Grid  
Dynamic Voltage Unbalance Constrained Economic Dispatch for Electrified Railways Integrated Energy Storage Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 11,Page: 8225-8235
Authors:  Chen, Yinyu;  Chen, Minwu;  Liang, Zongyou;  Liu, Li
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Batteries  Electrified Railway  Energy Storage  Es Degradation  Load Flow  Optimal Dispatch  Phase Frequency Detectors  Rail Transportation  Regulation  Traction Power Supplies  Transformers  Voltage Unbalance  
Adaptive Frequency Response From Electrified Railway Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2022
Authors:  He, Zihan;  Wan, Can;  Song, Yonghua
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adaptive droop control  Automatic frequency control  electrified railway  Frequency control  Frequency response  Rail transportation  renewable energy  Renewable energy sources  Resistance  Roads  train trajectory optimization  Trajectory optimization  
A Similarity Measurement Method of Normal Cloud Models for the Operational Status Perception and Computing of Urban Rail Transit Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, 2022
Authors:  Zhu, Guangyu;  Yang, Yubo;  Sun, Ranran;  Wu, Edmond Q.;  Law, Rob
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Analytical models  Biological system modeling  Computational modeling  Entropy  Mathematical models  Normal cloud model  Numerical models  operation state perception  similarity measure  uncertainty  urban rail transit  Weight measurement  
Acoustic emission wave classification for rail crack monitoring based on synchrosqueezed wavelet transform and multi-branch convolutional neural network Journal article
Structural Health Monitoring, 2021,Page: 1563-1582
Authors:  Li, D.;  Wang, Y.;  Yan, W.;  Ren, W.X.
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Rail  crack monitoring  acoustic emission  classification  synchrosqueezed wavelet transform  multi-branch convolutional neural network  
Acoustic emission wave classification for rail crack monitoring based on synchrosqueezed wavelet transform and multi-branch convolutional neural network Journal article
Structural Health Monitoring, 2021,Volume: 20,Issue: 4,Page: 1563-1582
Authors:  Dan Li;  Yang Wang;  Wang Ji Yan;  Wei Xin Ren
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Rail  Crack Monitoring  Acoustic Emission  Classification  Synchrosqueezed Wavelet Transform  Multi-branch Convolutional Neural Network  
Chinese travelers’ perceptions of demand-based pricing strategies of high-speed rail: a conjoint analysis approach Journal article
Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 2021
Authors:  Denizci-Guillet, Basak;  Jiang, Tianke;  Peng, Zixi;  Law, Rob
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Chinese high-speed rail  Conjoint analysis  Rate fences  Revenue management  
An Intelligent Train Operation Method Based on Event-Driven Deep Reinforcement Learning Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2021,Volume: 18,Issue: 10,Page: 69973-6980
Authors:  Zhang, Liqing;  U, Leong Hou;  Zhou, Mingliang;  Li, Zhenning
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Ddpg  Drto  Energy Consumption  Event Driven  Heuristic Algorithms  Informatics  Optimization  Q-learning  Rail Transportation  Safety