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The Myth of Contactless Hospitality Service: Customers’ Willingness to Pay Journal article
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 2022
Authors:  Hao, Fei;  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Park, Jinah;  Chon, Kaye
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contactless service  COVID-19  hybrid choice model  technology readiness  willingness to pay  
Hierarchical pattern recognition for tourism demand forecasting Journal article
Tourism Management, 2021,Volume: 84
Authors:  Hu, Mingming;  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Wu, Doris Chenguang;  Song, Haiyan
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Calendar Pattern  Daily Attraction Visits  Floating Holidays  Hierarchical Pattern Recognition  Tourism Demand Forecasting  Tourism Demand Pattern  
Timing matters: crisis severity and occupancy rate forecasts in social unrest periods Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2021,Volume: 33,Issue: 6,Page: 2044-2064
Authors:  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Liu, Anyu;  Stienmetz, Jason L.;  Yu, Yang
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Crisis severity  Forecast combination  Hong Kong social unrest  Hotel demand forecast  Social media data  Time series model  
Are customer reviews just reviews? Hotel forecasting using sentiment analysis Journal article
Tourism Economics, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Doris Chenguang;  Zhong, Shiteng;  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Wu, Ji
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big data  hotel demand forecasting  long short-term memory model  online review  Sentiment indices  
Social costs of tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article
Annals of Tourism Research, 2020,Volume: 84
Authors:  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Park, Jinah;  Li, Shi Na;  Song, Haiyan
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Contingent Valuation Method  Pandemic Crisis  Social Cost  Tourism Impact  Willingness To Pay  
Standing out from the crowd – an exploration of signal attributes of Airbnb listings Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2019,Volume: 31,Issue: 12,Page: 4520-4542
Authors:  Yao, Bin;  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Fan, Daisy X.F.;  Liu, Anyu;  Buhalis, Dimitrios
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Airbnb  Big data  Binomial logistic model  Booking probability  Sequential Bayesian updating  Sharing economy  Signaling theory  
Standing out from the crowd – An investigation of the signal attributes of Airbnb listings Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2019,Volume: 32
Authors:  Bin Yao;  Richard T.R. Qiu;  Daisy X.F. Fan;  Anyu Liu;  Dimitrios Buhalis
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Signaling Theory  Big Data  Airbnb  Binomial Logistic Model  Booking Probability  Sequential Bayesian Updating  Sharing Economy