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Stochastic and Deterministic State-Dependent Social Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2022,Volume: 52,Issue: 2,Page: 911-926
Authors:  Silvestre, Daniel;  Rosa, Paulo;  Hespanha, Joao P.;  Silvestre, Carlos
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Computer Networks  Control Systems  Diffusion Processes  Distributed Algorithms  Social Factors  
Sensitivity Analysis for Linear Systems based on Reachability Sets Conference paper
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
Authors:  Silvestre,Daniel;  Rosa,Paulo;  Hespanha,Joao P.;  Silvestre,Carlos
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Distributed fault detection using relative information in linear multi-agent networks Journal article
IFAC-PapersOnLine, 2015,Volume: 28,Issue: 21,Page: 446-451
Authors:  Silvestre,Daniel;  Rosa,Paulo;  Hespanha,João P.;  Silvestre,Carlos
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FDI for discrete-event systems  FDI for linear systems  FDI theory for networked systems  
Fault detection and isolation in inertial measurement units based on bounding sets Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2015,Volume: 60,Issue: 7,Page: 1933-1938
Authors:  Brás,Sérgio;  Rosa,Paulo;  Silvestre,Carlos;  Oliveira,Paulo
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Aerospace  Fault detection  Fault isolation  Navigation  Set-valued observers  
On the distinguishability of HRF models in fMRI Journal article
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2015,Volume: 9,Issue: MAY
Authors:  Rosa,Paulo N.;  Figueiredo,Patricia;  Silvestre,Carlos J.
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BOLD fMRI  Distinguishability  Experimental paradigm  fMRI  HRF  Model selection