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Nao Tan Qing ameliorates Alzheimer's disease-like pathology by regulating glycolipid metabolism and neuroinflammation: A network pharmacology analysis and biological validation Journal article
Pharmacological Research, 2022,Volume: 185
Authors:  Li, Qianqian;  Jia, Caixia;  Wu, Hongxing;  Liao, Yajin;  Yang, Ke;  Li, Shuoshuo;  Zhang, Jing;  Wang, Jinlei;  Li, Guo;  Guan, Fangxia;  Leung, Elaine;  Yuan, Zengqiang;  Hua, Qian;  Pan, Rui Yuan
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Alzheimer's disease  Glycolipid metabolism  Nao Tan Qing  Neuroinflammation  Systems pharmacology  Traditional Chinese medicine  
'I Come Up With a New Way of Seeing Life': Pre-Service Language Teachers' Reflective Practice During Overseas Immersion Book chapter
出自: Teacher Reflection: Policies, Practices and Impacts:Multilingual Matters, 2022, 页码: 179-193
Authors:  Rui Yuan;  Min Yang
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Efficient Sustained-Release Nanoparticle Delivery System Protects Nigral Neurons in a Toxin Model of Parkinson's Disease Journal article
Pharmaceutics, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 8,Page: 1731
Authors:  Wang, Qun;  Ma, Rui;  Liu, Piaoxue;  Cheng, Guowang;  Yang, Qi;  Chen, Xiaojia;  Wu, Zhenfeng;  Yuan, Dongsheng;  Chen, Tongkai
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Polymeric Nanoparticles  Blood-brain Barrier  Drug Delivery  Pharmacokinetics  Brain Accumulation  Parkinsonian Therapy  
Investigating teacher learning in professional learning communities in China: A comparison of two primary schools in Shanghai Journal article
Teaching and Teacher Education, 2022,Volume: 118,Issue: 103839
Authors:  Jia Zhang;  Rui Yuan;  Xingjiang Shao
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TESOL teacher educators in higher education: A review of studies from 2010 to 2020 Journal article
Language Teaching, 2022
Authors:  Rui Yuan;  Icy Lee;  Peter I. De Costa;  Min Yang;  Shuwen Liu
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Unpacking Language Teacher Educators’ Expertise: A Complexity Theory Perspective Journal article
TESOL Quarterly, 2022,Volume: 56,Issue: 2,Page: 656-687
Authors:  Yuan, Rui;  Yang, Min
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Neuroendocrine–Immune Regulatory Network of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Journal article
Molecules, 2022,Volume: 27,Issue: 12
Authors:  Zhao, Yi;  Tan, De Chao;  Peng, Bo;  Yang, Lin;  Zhang, Si Yuan;  Shi, Rui Peng;  Chong, Cheong Meng;  Zhong, Zhang Feng;  Wang, Sheng Peng;  Liang, Qiong Lin;  Wang, Yi Tao
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Cancer  Eucommia UlmoidE. OlivE. (E. UlmoidE.)  Natural Products  Network Pharmacology  Neuroendocrine–immune  
Neuroendocrine-Immune Regulatory Network of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Journal article
Molecules, 2022,Volume: 27,Issue: 12,Page: 3697
Authors:  Zhao, Yi;  Tan, De-Chao;  Peng, Bo;  Yang, Lin;  Zhang, Si-Yuan;  Shi, Rui-Peng;  Chong, Cheong-Meng;  Zhong, Zhang-Feng;  Wang, Sheng-Peng;  Liang, Qiong-Lin;  Wang, Yi-Tao
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Student Teachers’ Engagement with Critical Thinking during the Teaching Practicum: A Socio-cultural Perspective Conference paper
Gongju National University of Education, 2022-04-28
Authors:  Rui Yuan
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Unpacking vulnerability in academic writing and publishing: a tale of two non-native English speaker scholars in China Journal article
Higher Education Research and Development, 2022,Volume: 41,Issue: 3,Page: 981-995
Authors:  Yuan, Rui;  Bai, Barry;  Hou, Shumeng
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Academic Writing And Publishing  Non-native English Speakers  Vulnerability