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Vapor incubation of FASnI3films for efficient and stable lead-free inverted perovskite solar cells Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 31,Page: 16943-16951
Authors:  Ligang Xu;  Chi Zhang;  Xiangyun Feng;  Wenxuan Lv;  Zu Qiang Huang;  Wenzhen Lv;  Chao Zheng;  Guichuan Xing;  Wei Huang;  Runfeng Chen
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Near-infrared-excitable organic ultralong phosphorescence through multiphoton absorption Journal article
Research, 2020,Volume: 2020,Page: 2904928
Authors:  Ye TaoYe Tao;  Lele Tang;  Qi Wei;  Jibiao Jin;  Wenbo Hu;  Runfeng Chen;  Qingqing Yang;  Huanhuan Li;  Ping Li;  Guichuan Xing;  Quli Fan;  Chao Zheng;  Wei Huang
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Design of highly efficient deep-blue organic afterglow through guest sensitization and matrices rigidification Journal article
Nature Communications, 2020,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 4802
Authors:  Shen Xu;  Wu Wang;  Hui Li;  Jingyu Zhang;  Runfeng Chen;  Shuang Wang;  Chao Zheng;  Guichuan Xing;  Chunyuan Song;  Wei Huang
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Evoking non-bonding S-Π interaction by aryl phosphine sulfide for selectively enhanced electronic property of organic semiconductors Journal article
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020,Volume: 380
Authors:  Li,Huanhuan;  Tao,Ye;  Zhi,Yibin;  Chen,Runfeng;  Li,Hui;  Xing,Guichuan;  Xu,Shen;  Huang,Wei
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Aryl Phosphine Sulfide  Non-bonding Interaction  Phosphorescent Light-emitting Diodes  S-π Interactions  Selectively Tuning