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臘羅彝語的度量短語 Journal article
語言暨語言學, 2023
Authors:  卜维美;  劉鴻勇
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The Many Lives of the First Emperor of China Review Journal article
Journal of Asian Studies, 2023
Authors:  Zhang Y(張月)
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The US-Threat Discourse, Hawkish and Maneuvered Public, and China’s Foreign Policy Journal article
China Review, 2023
Authors:  Wu XN(吳湘寧)
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Yan Fu’s Translation Principle(s) and Huxley’s Ethics and Evolution Journal article
Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice, 2023
Authors:  Sun YF(孫藝風)
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Fiscal multipliers, monetary efficacy, and hand-to-mouth households Journal article
Journal of International Money and Finance, 2023,Volume: 130,Page: 102743
Authors:  Fei Guo;  Isabel K.M. Yan;  Tao Chen;  Chun-Tien Hu
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Uma Abordagem sobre o Uso das Sequências Formulaicas no Ensino-Aprendizagem do Português por Aprendentes de Língua Materna Chinesa Conference paper
Polytechnic Institute of Santarem, Oct. 24-28, 2017
Authors:  Zhang, Jing
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Sequência Formulaica  Ensino De Português  Aprendentes Chineses  Competência Sociocultural.  
Witnessing #MeToo in Japan Journal article
Feminist Media Studies, 2023
Authors:  Tan, Yan;  Liu, Shih-Diing
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Liquidity shocks and intraday price reaction Journal article
Journal of Financial Research, 2022
Authors:  Tao Chen
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Liquidity Shocks  Price Impact  Uninformed Traders  Intraday Market Efficiency  
Do superstitions bias trading behavior? Journal article
Economics of Transition, 2022
Authors:  Tao Chen
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The appeals chamber’s jurisdictional judgment in Abd-Al-Rahman and the issue of applicable law at the International Criminal Court Journal article
Chinese Journal of International Law (already recommended for publication by the reviewers of this journal, but still undergoing minor revisions process, and therefore, not yet final decision), 2022
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