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Ferroelectric control of single-molecule magnetism in 2D limit Journal article
Science Bulletin, 2020,Volume: 65,Issue: 15,Page: 1252-1259
Authors:  Xinwei Wang;  Chengcheng Xiao;  Chao Yang;  Miaogen Chen;  Shengyuan A. Yang;  Jun Hu;  Zhaohui Ren;  Hui Pan;  Wenguang Zhu;  Zhu-An Xu;  Yunhao Lu
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In2se3  Magnetoelectric Effect  Metal-phthalocyanine Molecules  Single-molecular Magnets  Two-dimensional Ferroelectric  
CsPb(IxBr1-x)(3) solar cells Journal article
Science Bulletin, 2019,Volume: 64,Issue: 20,Page: 1532-1539
Authors:  Jia,Xue;  Zuo,Chuantian;  Tao,Shuxia;  Sun,Kuan;  Zhao,Yixin;  Yang,Shangfeng;  Cheng,Ming;  Wang,Mingkui;  Yuan,Yongbo;  Yang,Junliang;  Gao,Feng;  Xing,Guichuan;  Wei,Zhanhua;  Zhang,Lijun;  Yip,Hin Lap;  Liu,Mingzhen;  Shen,Qing;  Yin,Longwei;  Han,Liyuan;  Liu,Shengzhong;  Wang,Lianzhou;  Luo,Jingshan;  Tan,Hairen;  Jin,Zhiwen;  Ding,Liming
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Cesium Lead Halide Perovskites  Perovskite Solar Cells  Power Conversion Efficiency  Stability  
Constructing the Crime Control Policy based on Scientific Research Journal article
Chinese Social Science Bulletin, 2013
Authors:  Liu JH(劉建宏)
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Rat CC chemokine receptor 4 is the functional homologue of human CC chemokine receptor 4 and can interact with human CCL17 and CCL22 Journal article
Chinese Science Bulletin, 2010,Volume: 55,Issue: 14,Page: 1388-1395
Authors:  Tian L.J.;  Qi H.;  Xie Y.;  Zhang Y.M.;  Zhang W.J.;  Sun X.Y.;  Wang Y.;  Ma D.L.
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CCL17  CCL22  CCR4  Cross-species interaction  Rat  
Recombinant human PDCD5 protein enhances chemosensitivities of hematologic malignancies Journal article
Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009,Volume: 54,Issue: 21,Page: 3981-3989
Authors:  Wang Y.F.;  Shi L.;  Song Q.S.;  Zhang Y.M.;  Lou Y.X.;  Zheng Y.;  Ma D.L.;  Wang Y.;  Ke X.Y.
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Apoptosis  Chemosensitivity  Chemotherapy  Hematologic malignancies  PDCD5  
Human CMTM2/CKLFSF2 enhances the ligand-induced transactivation of the androgen receptor Journal article
Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009,Volume: 54,Issue: 6,Page: 1050-1057
Authors:  Liu D.;  Yin C.;  Zhang Y.;  Tian L.;  Li T.;  Li D.;  Ma D.;  Guo Y.;  Wang Y.
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Akt  Androgen receptor  CKLFSF2  CMTM2  Transactivation  
Investigation on high magnetoresistance Ni0.81Fe0.19 films grown on (Ni0.81Fe0.19)1-xCrx underlayers Journal article
Science Bulletin, 2003,Page: 1087-1089
Authors:  Li, H.-F.;  Ma, J. D.;  Yu, G. H.;  Long, S. B.;  Zhao, H. C.;  Zhu, F. W.
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(Ni0.81fe0.19)1−xcrx Underlayer  Anisotropic Magnetoresistace  Grain Size  Ni0.81fe0.19(111) Texture  
Teaching Software Psychology: Expanding the perspective Journal article
SIGCSE Bulletin (Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education), 2000,Page: 392-396
Authors:  Vat Kam Hou
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Mono-dispersed single-wall carbon nanotubes formed in channels of zeolite crystal: production, optical and electrical transport properties Journal article
Bulletin of Materials Science, 1999,Volume: 22,Issue: 3,Page: 329-333
Authors:  Tang Z.K.;  Sun H.D.;  Wang J.;  Chen J.;  Li G.
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An alternative splice variant of human thioredoxin Journal article
Chinese Science Bulletin, 1998,Volume: 43,Issue: 4,Page: 292-295
Authors:  Wang Y.;  Wang Y.;  Zhang Y.;  Yuan Y.;  Ma D.
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Alternative splicing variant  E. coli  Human thioredoxin  Isoform