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A Coin-Battery-Powered LDO-Free 2.4-GHz Bluetooth Low Energy/ZigBee Receiver Consuming 2mA Journal article
Elsevier the VLSI Journal - Integration, 2019,Page: 112-118
Authors:  Balan, Z.;  Ramiah, H.;  Rajendran, J.;  Vitee, N.;  Shasidharan, P. N.;  Yin, J.;  Mak, P. I.;  Martins, R. P.
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Bluetooth Low Energy (Ble)  Cmos Receiver  Current-reuse  Forward Body Bias  Low Power  Quadrature Lna  Voltage-controlled Oscillator (Vco)  I/q Mixers  Zigbee