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Renal-Clearable Nickel-Doped Carbon Dots with Boosted Photothermal Conversion Efficiency for Multimodal Imaging-Guided Cancer Therapy in the Second Near-Infrared Biowindow Journal article
Advanced Functional Materials, 2021,Volume: 31,Issue: 26
Authors:  Tian, Boshi;  Liu, Shikai;  Feng, Lili;  Liu, Shaohua;  Gai, Shili;  Dai, Yunlu;  Xie, Lisi;  Liu, Bin;  Yang, Piaoping;  Zhao, Yanli
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Multimodal Imaging  Nickel-doped Carbon Dots  Nir-ii Biowindow  Photothermal Therapy  Renal Clearance  
A smart tumor microenvironment responsive nanoplatform based on upconversion nanoparticles for efficient multimodal imaging guided therapy Journal article
Biomaterials Science, 2019
Authors:  Shikai Liu;  Wenting Li;  Shili Gai;  Guixin Yang;  Chongna Zhong;  Yunlu Dai;  Fei He;  Piaoping Yang;  Yung Doug Suh
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