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Institutional quality and dark side of product market competition: a cross-country study Journal article
China Accounting and Finance Review, 2022,Volume: 24,Issue: 2,Page: 260-287
Authors:  Huang, Y.;  Song, Z.L.;  Tam, L.H.K.
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Product Market Competition  Stock Crash Risk  Information Disclosure  Institutional Quality  
Non-orthogonal Multiple Access assisted Federated Learning via Wireless Power Transfer: A Cost-Efficient Approach Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2022,Volume: 70,Issue: 4,Page: 2853-2869
Authors:  Yuan Wu;  Y. Song;  T. Wang;  L. Qian;  T. Q.S. Quek
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Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer assisted Federated Learning via Non-orthogonal Multiple Acces Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, 2022
Authors:  Yuan Wu;  Y. Song;  T. Wang;  M. Dai;  T. Q.S. Quek
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Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy Journal article
Dyes and Pigments, 2021,Volume: 256,,Page: 109727-109727
Authors:  Li, M.;  Huang, Y.;  Song, S.;  Shuang, S.;  Wang, R.;  Dong, C.
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Long-wavelength  Anthracycline  Fluorescent Probe  Peroxynitrite  Co-localization  
The self-assembly of a hybrid photosensitizer for the synergistically enhanced photodynamic/ photothermal therapy Journal article
Biomaterials Science, 2021,Page: 2115-2123
Authors:  Chen, J.;  Cui, Y.;  Song, K.;  Liu, T.;  Zhou, L.;  Bao, B.;  Wang, R.;  Wang, L.
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hybrid photosensitizer  photodynamic/ photothermal therapy  
Bioactive Limonoids and Triterpenoids from the Fruits of Melia azedarach. Journal article
J Nat Prod, 2020,Volume: 83,Page: 3502-3510
Authors:  Song, M.;  Zhang, J.;  Chan, G.;  Hou, Y.;  Chen, X. P.;  Zhang, X.Q.;  Ye, W.C.;  Zhang, Q. W.
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Limonoids  Triterpenoids  Melia Azedarach  
Yuan-Hu Zhi Tong Prescription Mitigates Tau Pathology and Alleviates Memory Deficiency in the Preclinical Models of Alzheimer’s Disease Journal article
Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2020,Volume: 11
Authors:  Iyaswamy,A.;  Krishnamoorthi,S. K.;  Liu,Y. W.;  Song,J. X.;  Kammala,A. K.;  Sreenivasmurthy,S. G.;  Malampati,S.;  Tong,B. C.K.;  Selvarasu,K.;  Cheung,K. H.;  Lu,J. H.;  Tan,J. Q.;  Huang,C. Y.;  Durairajan,S. S.K.;  Li,M.
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Alzheimer’s Disease  Chinese Medicine  Connectivity Map  Microarray  Neurofibrillary Tangles  P301s Tau Mice  Yuan-hu Zhi Tong  
Inhibiting tumor oxygen metabolism and simultaneously generating oxygen by intelligent upconversion nanotherapeutics for enhanced photodynamic therapy Journal article
Biomaterials, 2020,Volume: 251
Authors:  Wang,Dan;  Xue,Bin;  Ohulchanskyy,Tymish Y.;  Liu,Yubin;  Yakovliev,Artem;  Ziniuk,Roman;  Xu,Mengze;  Song,Jun;  Qu,Junle;  Yuan,Zhen
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Hypoxia  Photodynamic Therapy  Respiration Inhibition  Tumor  Upconversion  
電動汽車及其與電網互動 Book chapter
出自: 能源互聯網:科學出版社, 2020, 页码: 182-208
Authors:  Hu, Z.;  Song, Y.;  Zhang, H.
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A 2.56mW 40MHz-Bandwidth 75dB-SNDR Partial- Interleaving SAR-Assisted NS Pipeline ADC With Background Inter-Stage Offset Calibration Conference paper
2020 IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference - (ISSCC)
Authors:  Song, Y.;  Zhu, Y.;  Chan, C. H.;  Martins, R. P.
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analogue-digital conversion  calibration  CMOS digital integrated circuits  digital-analogue conversion  low-power electronics  preamplifiers  background inter-stage offset calibration  noise-shaping SAR hybrid architecture  NS-SAR  SNDR  power-hungry preamplifiers  low-noise targets  Schreier FoM  0-1 MASH SDM  pipeline-SAR structure  single-channel ADC  power-hungry residue amplifier  ADC power  area-hungry bit weight calibration  dynamic amplifier  pipeline operation  power efficiency  partial interleaving structu