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Influencing Factors of Students’ Learning Gains in Tourism Education: An Empirical Study on 28 Tourism Colleges in China Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 24
Authors:  Zhong, Lina;  Li, Xiaonan;  Sun, Sunny;  Law, Rob;  Qi, Xiangchi;  Dong, Yingchao
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internship and employment guidance  student employment  student engagement  students’ learning gain  tourism colleges  
Social and emotional competencies as predictors of student engagement in youth: A cross-cultural multilevel study Journal article
Studies in Higher Education, 2022
Authors:  Anabela Caetano Santos;  Patrícia Arriaga;  João R. Daniel;  Carmel Cefai;  Márcia H. S. Melo;  Agoritsa Psyllou;  SHIEH JIN-JY;  Nicola Schutte;  Crispiniano Furtado;  Celso H. David;  Manecas C. Azevedo;  Eleni Andreou;  Celeste Simões
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Cross-cultural  Emotional Competence  Social Skills  Student Engagement  Youth  
Creativity under COVID-19: How technology enhanced and promoted student engagement online Book chapter
出自: Applied Degree Education and the Future of Learning:Springer, 2022
Authors:  Katrine K. Wong;  Li, Z.
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Creativity  Covid-19  Technology  Student Engagement  
Creativity Under COVID-19: How Technology Has Enhanced and Promoted Student Engagement Online Book chapter
出自: Applied Degree Education and the Future of Learning:Springer, 2022, 页码: 113-137
Authors:  Wong, Katrine K.;  Li, Michael Zihao
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Covid-19  Creativity  Elearning  Online Teaching And Learning  Student Engagement  Video-conferencing  
Doctoral students’ engagement with journal reviewers’ feedback on academic writing Journal article
Studies in Continuing Education, 2022,Volume: 44,Issue: 1,Page: 87-104
Authors:  Yu,Shulin;  Jiang,Lianjiang
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Academic Writing  Reviewer Feedback  Student Engagement  Writing For Publication  
Student engagement with teacher oral feedback in EFL university classrooms Journal article
Language Teaching Research, 2022
Authors:  Wang, Bo;  Yu, Shulin;  Zheng, Yao;  Teo, Timothy
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Efl Students  English Teaching  Student Engagement  Teacher Oral Feedback  
Implementing Learning-Oriented Assessment (LOA) Among Limited-Proficiency EFL Students: Challenges, Strategies, and Students' Reactions Journal article
TESOL Quarterly, 2022
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Qi, Qi
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Learning-oriented Assessment  Limited-proficiency Students  Loa Implementation Challenges  Loa Implementation Strategies  Student Perceptions And Engagement  
Perceived parental involvement and student engagement with homework in secondary school: The mediating role of self-handicapping Journal article
Current Psychology, 2021
Authors:  Núñez, José Carlos;  Freire, Carlos;  Ferradás, María del Mar;  Valle, Antonio;  Xu, Jianzhong
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Homework  Perceived parental support  Personal worth  Self-handicapping  Student behavioral engagement  
The social contagion of student engagement in school Journal article
School Psychology International, 2020,Volume: 41,Issue: 5,Page: 454-474
Authors:  Mendoza, Norman B.;  King, Ronnel B.
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Engagement Contagion  Social Contagion  Student Engagement  
Investigating what feedback practices contribute to students’ writing motivation and engagement in Chinese EFL context: A large scale study Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2020,Volume: 44
Authors:  Shulin Yu;  Lianjiang Jiang;  Nan Zhou
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Feedback Practices  Student Engagement  Teacher Feedback  Writing Motivation