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Productivity and the Gains from Takeovers in China: The Role of Institutions and CEO Experience Conference paper
Hangzhou, 2022-07
Authors:  Tam, H. K.;  Tian, S. H.;  Hoi, K. M.
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Takeovers  Productivity Improvement  Total Factor Productivity  China  
Laser surface alloying of copper with Cr/Ti/CNT for enhancing surface properties Journal article
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2022,Volume: 17,Page: 560-573
Authors:  Yang, Y. W.;  Cristino, V. A.M.;  Tam, L. M.;  Lo, K. H.;  Kwok, C. T.
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Composite  Corrosion  Hardness  Laser Surface Alloying  Wear  
Experimental Investigation of the Isothermal Pressure Drops in the Mini-Elbows Conference paper
Proceeding of the 2nd International Symposium on Thermal-Fluid Dynamics
Authors:  Tam, H. K. ;  Ji, J. Q.;  Tam, L. M.;  Ghajar, A. J.
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pressure drop  mini tube  minor loss  
Numerical Investigation of the Forced and Mixed Convection Heat Transfer Inside Horizontal Macro-and-Mini Tubes Conference paper
6th International Worshop on Heat-and-Mass Transfer Advances for Energy Conservation and Pollution Control
Authors:  Yang, Y. F.;  Tam, H. K. ;  Tam, L. M.;  Ghajar, A. J.
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Numerical  Forced and Mixed Convection  Mini Tubes  
Effect of Heating on the Fully-Developed Friction Factors in Horizontal Mini-Tubes Conference paper
Proceeding of the 2nd International Symposium on Thermal-Fluid Dynamics
Authors:  Tam, H. K. ;  Xu, Y. X.;  Tam, L. M.;  Ghajar, A. J.
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Heating  Friction Factor  Mini-Tubes  
A novel isoquinolinium dual inhibitor of cholinesterases and amyloid beta aggregation mitigates neuropathological changes in a triple-transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease Journal article
ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2020,Page: 3346-3357
Authors:  Ju, Y.;  Chakravarty, H.;  Tam, K. Y.
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Cholinesterase  Amyloid Beta  Dual Inhibition  Alzheimer’s Disease  
AIB 2020 Miami Conference Conference paper
Cross-listing and reverse cross-listing: Role of national culture
Authors:  Kot, H. W.;  Shao, L>;  Tam, H. K.
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Cross-listing  reverse cross-listing  Hofstede  National culture  
Pyramidal Structure, Top Executives' Within-Group Engagements, and Corporate Innovation Conference paper
Dublin, Ireland, 2020-06
Authors:  Tam, H. K.;  Tian, S. H.
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Pyramid Structrue  Concurrent Engagements  Innovation  China  
A novel-designed fuzzy logic control structure for control of distinct chaotic systems Journal article
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2020,Page: NA-NA
Authors:  Li, S. Y.;  Tam, L. M.;  Chen, H. K. ;  Chen, C. S.
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Fuzzy logic control  Nonlinear systems  Lyapunov stability theory  
Liquidity and Expected Returns in China’s Stock Markets Journal article
China Accounting and Finance Review, 2019,Page: 1-42
Authors:  Lam, S. K.;  Tam, H. K.;  Dong, L.
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Asset Pricing  Liquidity Four-factor Model  Fama And French Three-factor Model  High Moments  China Stock Market