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Enhanced Amplified Spontaneous Emission from All-Inorganic Perovskite Thin Films by Composition Engineering Journal article
Advanced optical materials, 2022
Authors:  Mao, Yulin;  Liang, Chao;  Wang, Gang;  Wang, Yueyang;  Zhang, Zhipeng;  Wang, Bingzhe;  Wen, Zhaorui;  Mu, Zhen;  Sun, Guoxing;  Chen, Shi;  Xing, Guichuan
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Amplified Spontaneous Emission  Cs4pbbr6  Cspb2br5  Cspbbr3  Low Threshold Ase  Optical Gain  
Mixed Strategies for Security Games with General Defending Requirements Conference paper
Proceedings of the 31st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23/07/2022
Authors:  Bai Rufan;  Lin Haoxing;  Yang Xinyu;  Wu Xiaowei;  Li Minming;  Jia Weijia
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Security Game  Mixed Strategy  Defending Threshold  
Structural health monitoring by a novel probabilistic machine learning method based on extreme value theory and mixture quantile modeling Journal article
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2022,Volume: 173
Authors:  Sarmadi, Hassan;  Yuen, Ka Veng
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Generalized Extreme Value  Machine Learning  Mixture Quantile  Probabilistic Anomaly Detection  Structural Health Monitoring  Threshold Estimation  
A 23-pW NMOS-Only Voltage Reference with Optimum Body Selection for Process Compensation Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, 2022,Volume: 69,Issue: 11,Page: 4213-4217
Authors:  Yu, Kai;  Zhou, Yangrun;  Li, Sizhen;  Huang, Mo
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Fitting  Logic Gates  Mosfet  Nmos-only Voltage Reference  Optimum Body Selection  Power Demand  Process Compensation  Threshold Voltage  Transistors  Ultra-low-power  Voltage Measurement  
A Miniaturized 3-D-MRI Scanner Featuring an HV-SOI ASIC and Achieving a 10 $\times$ 8 $\times$ 8 mm $^{3}$ Field of View Journal article
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2022
Authors:  Fan, Shuhao;  Zhou, Qi;  Lei, Ka Meng;  Mak, Pui In;  Martins, Rui P.
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3-D gradient controller  application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)  dynamic-threshold MOSFET (DTMOS)  high-voltage power amplifier (HV-PA)  Integrated circuits  Iron  low-noise amplifier (LNA)  Magnetic circuits  Magnetic resonance imaging  magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)  MRI-on-a-chip  Nuclear magnetic resonance  Permanent magnets  Radio frequency  silicon-on-insulator (SOI)  transceiver (TRX)  
A 0.2-terahertz ceramic relic detection system based on iterative threshold filtering imaging and neural network Journal article
Electronics (Switzerland), 2021,Volume: 10,Issue: 18
Authors:  Mao, Yiqing;  Wu, Tianxiang;  Chen, Yong;  Ma, Shunli
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Ceramic Relic Detection System  Heritage Conservation  Iterative Threshold Filtering  Neural Network  Nondestructive Testing  Terahertz Wave Imaging  
Role of the Exciton-Polariton in a Continuous-Wave Optically Pumped CsPbBr3Perovskite Laser Journal article
Nano Letters, 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 9,Page: 6636-6643
Authors:  Qiuyu Shang;  Meili Li;  Liyun Zhao;  Dingwei Chen;  Shuai Zhang;  Shulin Chen;  Peng Gao;  Chao Shen;  Jun Xing;  Guichuan Xing;  Bo Shen;  Xinfeng Liu;  Qing Zhang
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Continuous-wave Laser  Cspbbr3  Exciton-polariton  Low Threshold  Microlaser  Perovskite  
Mapping the fluctuating effect of strategy use ability on English reading performance for nursing students: A multi-layered moderation analysis approach Journal article
Language Testing, 2020,Volume: 37,Issue: 2,Page: 280-304
Authors:  Cai, Yuyang;  Kunnan, Antony John
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Interaction  Island Ridge Curve  Multi-layered Moderation Analysis  Reading  Strategy  Threshold  
Individual variation in alpha neurofeedback training efficacy predicts pain modulation Journal article
NeuroImage: Clinical, 2020,Volume: 28
Authors:  Peng,Weiwei;  Zhan,Yilin;  Jiang,Yali;  Nan,Wenya;  Kadosh,Roi Cohen;  Wan,Feng
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Neurofeedback  Pain  Pain Intensity  Pain Threshold  Sensorimotor Α-oscillation  Unpleasantness  
A Novel Labor Division Strategy Based on Fixed Response Threshold Model for Warehouse Systems Journal article
International Journal of Robotics & Automation, 2020,Page: 132-139
Authors:  Liu, Y.;  Wang, L.;  Liu, M.;  Xu, C.Z.
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Warehouse systems  labour division  fixed response threshold model  MultiBots