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Vocational Identity Formation of College Students in Macau Journal article
Career Development Quarterly, 2016,Volume: 64,Issue: 3,Page: 244-258
Authors:  Ouyang,Baixiao;  Jin,Shuh Ren;  Tien,Hsiu Lan Shelley
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Chinese Culture  College Students  Macau  Vocational Exploration  Vocational Identity Formation  
The Career Adapt-Abilities Scale in Macau: Psychometric characteristics and construct validity Journal article
Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2014,Volume: 84,Issue: 3,Page: 259-265
Authors:  Tien,Hsiu Lan Shelley;  Lin,Sieh Hwa;  Hsieh,Pei Jung;  Jin,Shuh Ren
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Career adaptability  Career assessment  Chinese culture  Cross culture